Staff are the core of a business, without them you have no workforce to get the jobs that need doing, done. And it’s just as important to make sure that every member of staff is working to the best of their ability to help your business flourish. Here are a few tips on how to increase employee motivation to ensure your business is running smoothly, and that you have a driven team supporting you.

Staff Incentive Programme

While a monthly wage may seem like enough of an incentive to do your job, a little push with extra rewards never hurt anyone. A great way to increase staff motivation is through implementing an incentive programme. Whenever a member of staff does an excellent job such as up-selling a product or service, handling a complaint professionally or even taking on another employee’s task to help out, reward their good work.

It’ll encourage staff to keep doing their best. You’ll see in increase in staff motivation every day as they aim to up-sell, provide incredible service and use their initiative, all to get that extra reward.

Healthy Competition

Every employee will have goals – either ones they’ve set themselves, or KPIs to help the business’s overall target. With the SPARK system easily managing sales and any up-sold items, you can encourage some healthy competition among your employees and reward the victor!

That could simply be selling a certain amount of drinks, seeing who recommended and sold the most specials or up-selling sides, desserts and other dishes on top of a customer’s order – all of which can be monitored on SPARK. It will boost staff moral and allows friendly competition in the workplace, giving them goals to work towards that will altogether benefit the business.

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Empower Each Individual

It’s important to acknowledge the people that work for you and keep your business going. Simply expecting them to come in to do their job won’t motivate or encourage them to be their best. Talking to employees individually will make them feel needed, and not forgotten among their colleagues. This could be a personal review, discussing their goals or monitoring their sales that you’ve kept an eye on through SPARK. Empowering you staff is as easy as talking to them – a friendly chat can help boost their moral and motivate them to keep up the good work.

Hand Over Responsibility

Another tip to increase staff motivation is by handing over responsibility. By giving employees key tasks to take on, they will feel trusted and endeavour to complete the job they’ve been given. Seek out staff that show leadership qualities and contribute to the business, but haven’t been given the chance to show it. If one member of staff already has a heavy workload, distribute tasks to others that can take on the new responsibility.

You can monitor the staff performance and get detailed reports on sales, as well as the hours worked and breaks taken through SPARK. Handing over responsibilities is much easier and a lot less stressful for both staff and supervisors. Whether it’s managing bookings for the day or in charge of ordering stock – SPARK will assist employees and encourage them to keep striving for success.

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