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At our heart we’re a software and technology development company with a background in food & beverage. We’re passionate about problem-solving and applying those skills to our favourite industry, hospitality!


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Fairly-priced hardware and a software package of EPOS, Reservations, CRM & Marketing Tools. Continually developed and updated with new functionality, never letting a customer’s system go obsolete.


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We think technology is key to reducing labour, expense and waste. Our vision is to create a streamlined and efficient eco-system of smart systems, with a modern consumer app to deliver great customer service.


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[vtq_service_box vtq_style=”style-3″ vtq_icon=”oslo-icon-google123″ vtq_title=”Reduce Waste”]Reduce unnecessary ordering. With tighter inventory control, identify surplus stock taking up valuable space, allowing you to forecast and plan more effectively. Eliminate potential waste throughout the whole process.[/vtq_service_box][vtq_service_box vtq_style=”style-3″ vtq_title=”Better Business Management” vtq_icon=”oslo-icon-account4″]With strict stock control, efficient employee management and exceptional reporting and analytics, we can give you the tools you need to show improvement throughout your entire operation.[/vtq_service_box]
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[vtq_service_box vtq_style=”style-4″ vtq_icon=”oslo-icon-watch16″ vtq_title=”Speed of Service”]Speed Of Service is the critical measure in a business, allowing you to serve the maximum number of customers at peak times, keeping staff efficient at off-peak times and minimising labour costs.[/vtq_service_box][vtq_service_box vtq_style=”style-4″ vtq_title=”Boost Revenue” vtq_icon=”glyphicon glyphicon-signal”]Discover live data around financial performance, best-selling items and best performing staff within the venue, allowing you to make data-driven business decisions to improve your cash flow.[/vtq_service_box]
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SPARK is the future of Restaurant Management Software. Encompassing EPOS, Reservations, Loyalty, Stock Management, CRM and Online Marketing Tools all in one package. Experience ultra-modern, intuitive software design and sleek hardware, including customer-facing screens, designed to bring interactivity to the forefront of the customer’s experience.


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Our aim is to give you the tools to shine and succeed in an increasingly competitive market. Our technology helps you to better control, market and streamline your venue, from individual trader to large hospitality venue.


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Consumers have experienced technological development in many aspects of their lives, creating greater convenience. There is a large appetite for F&B businesses to innovate and provide more solutions for their customers.



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