Our system allows you to take payments quickly and increase your efficiency. Your terminal will continue to operate as normal even in offline mode. 

Train Staff in Minutes 


Designed from a user perspective, operation will feel instinctive to staff, reducing training time to minutes. Our POS & Reservations are carefully designed with the user in mind and will feel instinctive to staff, no matter their background.

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Simple Bill splitting


Bill splitting is stress-free with SPARK. Split payment by item or number of customers,each customer can select which items to pay for using the customer facing screen allowing full flexibility and a stress-free experience for all.

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dual screen pos in venue

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Speed Up Service 


Speed Of Service is the critical measure in a business, allowing you to serve the maximum number of customers at peak times, keep staff efficient at off peak times and minimise labour costs.

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Easy to Use Interface


Rapidly create your menu. Easily add, modify or remove products and recipes from any device. Sort your products into categories, creating an easier interface for your staff to navigate.

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Work Offline


Even during busy periods, have peace of mind your system will continue to operate as normal even if your internet connection goes down. The cloud allows you to access your business data from wherever you are.

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Employee Permissions


With the employee management tool, set permissions for each staff member individually or group by job role to ensure the security of sensitive controls on the POS system.

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