SPARK is packed with features to suit any kind of hospitality business, whether a small café, busy bar or brasserie or a fine-dining restaurant. Take the features you need, with a low price to match.

Easy to Use and Train Staff


Designed from a user perspective, operation will feel instinctive to staff, reducing training time to minutes. Our POS & Reservations are carefully designed with the user in mind and will feel instinctive to staff, no matter their background.

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Speed Up Service


Speed of Service is crucial for maximising revenue at peak times, staff efficiency in slack periods and minimising labour costs. Keep your staff lightning fast with SPARK’s tools & automation.

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servers in cafe using pos

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Connect Your Venue


SPARK connects all elements of your business. Let technology and mobile communication do the legwork between all your key business areas, with full connectivity from reception to table to kitchen.

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Boost Your Bottom Line


With strict stock control, efficient employee management and exceptional reporting and analytics, SPARK gives you the tools to streamline and capitalise on the most profitable elements of your business.

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Cloud office mobile
cloud office dashboard, helping manager to maximise sales

Work Offline


Your system will continue to operate as normal even if your internet connection goes down. The cloud allows you to access your business data from wherever you are.

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Automatic Updates


With the speed of modern technology development, it isn’t easy to keep up to date. With free, regular updates you’ll always have a modern and engaging system in your venue.

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