Table-side Ordering

handheld device used for table-side ordering[vtq_headlines vtq_title="Table-side Ordering" vtq_subtitle="Smart"] Table-side OrderingWork SmarterSelf-OrderingCompatibility [vtq_service_box vtq_style="style-4" vtq_title="Table-side Ordering" vtq_icon="fa fa-pencil-square-o"]A sleek handheld device linked directly to your EPOS system, allows staff to take orders directly at the table which reduces input error and saves time, staff journeys and a fortune in checkpads and pens.[/vtq_service_box] [vtq_service_box vtq_style="style-4" vtq_title="Work Smarter" vtq_icon="oslo-icon-bluetooth23"]Spark’s smart PDQ is...

Personalised Service

personalised service

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Bill Splitting

bill splitting pos

SPARK’s bill splitting feature allows payment to be split by item or number of customers, allowing full flexibility and a stress-free experience for all.