Table-side Ordering

handheld device used for table-side ordering[vtq_headlines vtq_title="Table-side Ordering" vtq_subtitle="Smart"] Table-side OrderingWork SmarterSelf-OrderingCompatibility [vtq_service_box vtq_style="style-4" vtq_title="Table-side Ordering" vtq_icon="fa fa-pencil-square-o"]A sleek handheld device linked directly to your EPOS system, allows staff to take orders directly at the table which reduces input error and saves time, staff journeys and a fortune in checkpads and pens.[/vtq_service_box] [vtq_service_box vtq_style="style-4" vtq_title="Work Smarter" vtq_icon="oslo-icon-bluetooth23"]Spark’s smart PDQ is...

Employee Management

[vtq_headlines vtq_title="Employee Management" vtq_subtitle="Stay efficient and lean"] PermissionsPerformanceStaff MetricsWorking Hours [vtq_service_box vtq_style="style-4" vtq_title="Permissions" vtq_icon="fa fa-unlock"]With the employee management tool, set permissions for each staff member individually or group by job role to ensure the security of sensitive controls on the POS system.[/vtq_service_box] [vtq_service_box vtq_style="style-4" vtq_title="Performance" vtq_icon="oslo-icon-synchronization4"] Discover top performing staff members and keep track of...

Bill Splitting

bill splitting pos

SPARK’s bill splitting feature allows payment to be split by item or number of customers, allowing full flexibility and a stress-free experience for all.