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Our Covid Secure app is our gift to help the hospitality industry during these uncertain times. Completely free of charge it provides a contactless solution to monitor your customers and collect the data required to assist the NHS in our nationwide effort to protect businesses and the general public.

Main features

Automated and Convenient

To streamline the process of collecting your customers details we have allowed them to sign into our app with Google and Facebook or a simple account creation process that records what the NHS requires to get in touch.

The whole process is done through their phone scanning a QR code in your venue to keep it contact free and automatic.

Super app

Designed for Simplicity

The key for track and trace to be successful is to make the process as simple as possible. In the back office you will have access to posters that are easy print and stick up in your venue, the customer then just needs to scan the QR code and follow three simple steps to log themselves and save their details in the database.

Frequently Asked Question

All of our data will be saved in a secure Cloud server protected in compliance with GDPR, purely for aiding the NHS.

Yes! No hidden charges, we know the hospitality industry has been one of the worst hit industries due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced them to close. We wanted to bring a smart solution to help.

We will create your venue an account and access to the Cloud Office. From here you can print out posters to display in your venue, so customers can log their information. This information is then saved and easily accessible if needed from the back office.

Efficiency Increase with free cloud office to operate
The average user can login to record their information in 16 seconds

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