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Table-side ordering

It doesn’t make sense to pay lots of different software subscriptions and juggle multiple screens.

If you want a simple EPoS, we can absolutely still do that… but if you want more (like Reservations, a CRM, Digital Marketing and Tableside/Self Ordering) we have all those features in one unified system.

What does unified mean? It means a faster system, with more functionality and one simple low monthly payment.

Innovative Features

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Everything Built In


◉ Bolting on other software like Reservations, Staff Time Tracking & CRM is a messy business.

◉ We tidy it all up by purposely designing a system with everything you need.

◉ Not only that, we plan for the future with built in Deliveroo, Just Eat and much more coming very soon.


Easy as Pie


◉ Train staff in minutes and save up to 80%* on training time vs. the market leader.

◉ A clever search function means staff never forget where an item is. Save time & serve more people!

◉  We use the same intuitive controls your staff use on their phones at home -making it easy for even the most novice hire.

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Future Proof


◉ We keep developing and adding new features to keep you ahead of the competition.

◉ We never chain you to the same system which hasn’t updated since you bought it.

◉  We continually work to give you features to stay ahead of the pack, because that’s what we would want for our business.

Lovingly perfected for you, no matter your passion


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Quick Service



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Technology for tomorrow, not just today

We designed for the world we will be living in, not the world today or even five years ago. Futuristic features like mobile ordering, a unique app ecosystem and customer touch screens for loyalty sign-ups keep your regulars returning!


A System that can work for you

Your new team MVP (Most Valuable POS) doesn’t just sit there and look pretty. Automated features save staff time, you wages, and helps to attract and retain customers. Meet your new hardest worker!

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Give service your customers will come back for

We do the heavy lifting when it comes to remembering favourite dishes, tables, allergens & other preferences. Stored in your CRM, recall details on the next visit instantly to wow your guests and make them feel like one of the family.


We’re passionate about making technology affordable for the industry we love. Transparent pricing is important, we start at £38 per venue and have many happy customers paying just that! No hidden fees anywhere.

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