SPARK EPOS SCHEDULE DEMO The all-in-one EPOS system that’s so much more.
Designed by hospitality professionals, for hospitality professionals.
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Designed by hospitality professionals for hospitality professionals.

With years of experience in the industry, we understand what is needed from your EPOS that helps you boost profits, save time & money and deliver a great customer experience. Get all the tools you need in one, simple package. Our ultra modern system is designed for better business operations. Do everything you need – from stock management to reservations, all-in-one place.

Template Access your business data from any device, anywhere. Cloud Based NFC / QR code staff login – meaning there is no need for Dallas keys. NFC /QR Code Login All data is backed up and stored in case of theft or damage. Security The intuitive interface allows staff to be trained in minutes. Ease Of Use See detailed reports on every aspect of your business. Accurate Tracking Encourage staff to sell more with upsell prompts. Upsell Prompts
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SPARK is packed with features to suit any kind of hospitality business, whether a small café, busy bar or brasserie or a fine-dining restaurant. Take the features you need, with a low price to match. Our innovative hardware technology and software design provides SME’s with the latest technology and tools to compete with the bigger chains but for a fraction of the price.

EPoS & Software from £38 a month

Customised pricing allows you to only
take the features you need with a (really) low price to match.

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Our customers are saving time and money everyday with SPARK. We specialise in bringing Independent businesses the technology you need to ensure you shine and succeed in an increasingly competitive market. The intelligent EPOS System manages your sales and payments (with exceptionally low card payment rates) and also offers you total live business management through a cloud office suite in one easy to use system.

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We’re dedicated to giving you the tools to reach your full business potential. SPARK’s blog is a place where hospitality business owners can learn about the latest industry trends, and tips on how to improve operation. Learn about every aspect from marketing, reporting, staff management and more. Subscribe to keep up to date with the latest SPARK news & updates!

  • Reopening safely, sensibly and profitably 10/05/2020
    July 4th 2020 was the day hospitality businesses reopened their doors and the British public returned to their favourite pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes to eat and drink post lockdown.
  • Re-opening the Doors of Hospitality 06/12/2020
    Yesterday Prime Minister Boris Johnson provided music to the ears of every hospitality business owner in the UK when he suggested that some parts of the hospitality industry may be able to begin re-opening sooner than initially expected. 
  • One simple way to boost profit in your venue 06/11/2020
    Business owners from all industries are continually searching for new ways to improve their operation and increase their profits. Modern innovation in technology tends to be the driving force that enables these changes and the hospitality industry is no different.
  • Out with old, in with new.. 06/08/2020
    As a result of the huge advances in technology over the past 20 years there aren’t many industries that still operate mostly the same way they did before the modern evolution of the internet, the emergence of smartphones, apps and general advances in technology. 
  • The New Normal of Hospitality 05/14/2020
    After keenly tuning into Boris Johnson’s coronavirus national briefing on Sunday night there’s a date that is firmly pencilled into my diary, well digitally marked in my online diary anyway - Friday 4 July 2020. 
  • Adjusting Your Website For The Covid-19 Crisis 04/08/2020
    As you can imagine we've had a lot customers asking us for advice on how to best manage their business while the lockdown on the hospitality industry continues. In light of this, we've put together some pointers below you might want to consider for your business.   Add a notice to your website Let your […]
  • How Your Hospitality Business Can Survive The Lockdown 04/08/2020
    Our government has said that this is the biggest economic challenge we've experienced in peace-time and throughout this lockdown many businesses are experiencing the pressure of trying to retain staff whilst staying afloat. It is no secret that hospitality has been one of the hardest hit industries and based on what we've seen already, this […]
  • Increasing Sales with Customer Loyalty 12/31/2019
    People have routines of everyday activities, and staying loyal to their favourite restaurants can be part of that. You can take that customer loyalty and turn it into something that can benefit you and your customer.
  • What to Consider When Buying a Point of Sale System 12/23/2019
    Maybe you've started a hospitality business and need a suitable point of sale system, or you're looking to invest in a new POS system to maximise your current business operations.
  • The Benefit of EPOS for Bars 12/18/2019
    If you're looking to improve your service, swiftly manage stock or open tabs on busy nights, you need a suitable a EPOS with those capabilities. Bars are a bustling environment and require a system that can ensure a smooth operation every time.