SPARK Partnership

Corporate Reseller

If you're a corporate reseller we can offer an attractive commission scheme and opportunities with SPARK, as well as access to our Partner portal for resources to help convert your leads and a virtual or live demo in our office based in Newcastle.

Individual Agent

If you're an individual agent interested in SPARK you can have access to our partner portal and receive a virtual or live demo in our office based in Newcastle.

Customer Referral

Whether you're an existing customer of SPARK or an investor, we can offer generous discounts or payments for every successfully converted referral.

Exploring New Opportunities
Our partner programme allows corporate and individual agents to sell a premium product – Spark. As a partner, you’re a trusted advisor to many businesses you deal with professionally. You’re looking for a product you can get excited about and above all, trust to live up to the expectations that come with your recommendation.

Spark was designed to easily integrate into any hospitality business and with the unique leading technology in our integrated system, it practically sells itself. Whether you have a full team of agents or you’re an individual seller, you’ll receive dedicated training and support to ensure you have everything you need. Not only that, but partners also receive a generous commission structure to give you the resources to develop your business and grow our partnership together. The commission is paid over a 36 month period, ensuring a reliable and constant income stream. Interested? We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Eric Guo

All your questions answered

What should I do to apply for a partner account with SPARK?

We recommend you get in touch with us using our contact us page and then scheduling a demo to get familiar with the product.

Why join SPARK?

We provide all of the necessary tools, support and guidance to ensure you can reach your full potential. You’ll be given access to our sales hub which includes promotional videos, marketing documents, product specifications and more so you’re always prepared for any client query.

What do I need to do as a partner of SPARK?

When you’ve joined us as a partner, you will be free to advertise using the resources available in the partner portal. When generating and creating new leads you can get in touch with members of our team for any additional support and quotes to be generated.

Working with us you'll find that we're about much more than the traditional PoS provider

We take the time to build long-term working relationships with our partners, focusing on the individual needs of their businesses or personal financial affairs.

Each client partnership project is led by a director who draws together the right blend of specialist expertise to create a client service team. Our specialist team understands your challenges.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager can provide you with all the support you need to qualify and convert your leads to sales.

Collaborative Branding and Network

We love to work with visionary partners which can see the value in bringing modern technology to the hospitality industry. Collaborations are welcomed with our partners and resellers.

Training and Updates

A training demo and access to our partner portal will be provided to keep you up to date and familiar with the system. All system functions can learned through our help centre.

Marketing Material

Our designers have a stock of digital resources available for you to create advertising on social media posts or printing to create physical copies and brochures.


Partner memberships that scale with you as you grow

Silver Partner
1-9 Quarterly Sales
  • 5% Commission on Hardware
  • 10% Commission On SaaS
  • 24 Month Payout Length
Gold Partner
10-49 Quarterly Sales
  • 8% Commission on Hardware
  • 15% Commission on SaaS
  • 24 Month Payout Length
Platinum Partner
50+ Quarterly Sales
  • 10% Commission on Hardware
  • 20% Commission on SaaS
  • 24 Month Payout Length – 10% after 24 months

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