Modern EPoS technologies can dramatically increase your speed of service and reduce customer waiting times, which is essential for customer satisfaction. With happy customers and speedy checkouts, you’ll also see your profits surge. A reliable, well designed POS system is the first thing you’ll need, and is probably the most important part in ensuring fast sales while still delivering outstanding service.  Your point of sale system should be easy to use for both staff and customers, allowing you to process transactions in seconds and keep the lines moving. See below how EPOS features and technologies can enhance both your back of house and front of house, eliminating slow, painful checkouts!


Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can link directly to your EPOS system, allowing customers to browse your menu either in advance or from their table. With customers placing orders themselves, staff members will be freed up so they can focus on delivering great service. Orders will also be sent directly to the kitchen within seconds, speeding up the process and eliminating any communication errors.

With Spark‘s integrated mobile app by StreetAway, Customers who favourite your venue can receive push notifications for new events and menu specials – keeping them engaged and encouraging repeat business. Our dedicated app allows a venue to access features usually reserved for a large operator, without the prohibitive cost of development.

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Modern Interface

An interface that is easy to use and navigate is essential for good service. A well designed POS system should allow you to train your staff efficiently and with ease. If staff can’t operate the system, it doesn’t matter how many features your POS has – employees are what makes your business run daily, it’s imperative to get them working efficiently so sales can be maximised.

Spark‘s intuitive, modern interface allows staff to train using a separate training app with pre-populated ‘dummy’ data’  without fear of affecting real sales data. Staff can get going within minutes and easily use the platform to its full potential.


Inventory Management

Real-time stock and inventory management tools allow you to plan and forecast more effectively. It provides you with the precise data on what your stock levels are, what you should be ordering and when you’re close to running out. You can ensure your customers’ favourite products are always available so they’ll never be disappointed.

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Detailed reports and analytics give you a complete overview of business performance. You can view percentage of sales, and identify your best performing staff members. This allows you to create schedules to reduce labour costs, and maximise profitability and speed of service. Find out more on SPARK’s cloud office reports.


Handheld Devices

Handheld devices can be linked directly to your terminal via bluetooth. This allows staff to complete table-side orders, offering a more efficient service. Similar to mobile apps, a handheld device allows orders to be sent straight to the kitchen. Additionally, any amendments required can easily be entered on the device and will be received by the kitchen instantaneously.

Are you ready to increase your speed of service? Spark processes sales quickly and provides your business with features and tools to enhance your business performance and increase profitability no matter the size of business.

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