Monitoring how your venue is performing, and taking the necessary steps to continue your growth is a part of any business. SPARK EPOS Back Office allows you to have control over different elements of your business, letting you view sales reports, supplier profiles, cash management, recipes and other features that you want to keep an eye on.

With this Back Office software, you can monitor all these aspects from any device as long as you have an internet connection so, there’s no need to worry if you’re off-site and want to access your business data because YOU CAN! We’ll be outlining the different features, and ways you can use SPARK’s Back Office and Reports to optimise your business efforts.

Create Supplier Profiles

Managing stock levels can be an overwhelming part of running a restaurant. You need to make sure that you’re not running low on stock, or ordering an excessive amount without consulting previous sales. That’s where SPARK and our Back Office comes in – SPARK makes it easier for you to create Supplier Profiles and organise deliveries, categorise your products to suit your venue, and also edit the quantity, units and the status of the order with ease.

Even better is that you can compare prices between supplies and make sure you’re getting the best quality supplies for the best price. These functions will quickly improve your operation, by managing your supplies levels and maximising your sales.

Customisable Dashboard

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You can view the information that matters most to you at a glance with the Back Office software. SPARK’s customisable dashboard gives you an overview of the data you want to monitor closely such as cash flow, stock management, staff performance etc. For example, if you’re concerned about your cash flow and want to know what is going where, without delving into the extensive Back Office, a quick glance at your dashboard can tell you the information you want to know. Tailor it to your liking, and target certain areas of your business you want to track.

Product Organisation and Recipes

Categorise products and ingredients for ease of navigation, suited to your venue and business operation. Add images of individual items to allow you and staff members to find it easily on the system, and view how many dishes those ingredients are used in.

This will help with stock management, as some supplies may run out quicker than others if they’re an ingredient used in a few of your recipes. When certain items are running low, these products will flash in red to alert you, letting you can take necessary action and order more stock. You can also utilise this feature for vegan and vegetarian dishes and separate key ingredients for specific dietary requirements.

Monitor Sales

Observing day to day sales and how your business is performing is made easy with SPARK’s reports. Get detailed reports on orders and stock takes, and compare different data to identify peak times in your venue to improve efficiency, allocate shifts accordingly and make improved business decisions overall. Or use it identify slower periods of the day and use CRM and data to target new and existing customers to boost business during those hours.

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End of Day and Employee Reports

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Take a look at how you’ve done at the end of the day and get detailed reports of sales, employee performances and separate payment methods to monitor how much you’ve taken by cash, card or gift cards. Figure out how well your staff are doing, and who the top performer is in order to reward them.

Similarly, identify under-performing staff and areas of further training they might benefit from to improve their productivity. This will help motivate your staff members by approaching them individually, and encouraging them with incentives and support.

Those are a few of the key features available with SPARK’s Back Office and Reports, which can easily be utilised to maximise sales and business efforts. Manage different sections of your business from the dashboard, use reports to identify peak and non-peak hours and create marketing strategies accordingly, sort products and stock easily and create supplier profiles for quick ordering.

There are a variety of benefits with SPARK’s Back Office – it enhances your overall operation and efficiency with a clear overview of each business aspect. Take control of your business, and transform with SPARK!

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