Businesses are always looking for ways to improve efficiency by finding more convenient methods to increase service, without hindering the quality of service. And if the right methods are implemented then the overall running of the venue and customer satisfaction will increase, and benefit your business as a whole.

We at SPARK are always looking for ways to provide that ease of use, and give you the ability to maximise efficiency. Which is why our QR scanner is an additional product that works seamlessly alongside the main terminal, and provides many beneficial features that complement the entire system.

Speed Up Service

spark's qr scanner As mentioned earlier, looking for ways to quickly provide service, without compromising the quality, is what every hospitality business strives for – especially for those peak hours. And that’s exactly what our QR scanner can provide! With each staff member given a unique QR code, they can log in with a quick swipe instead of fumbling to insert their pin code, which can get frustrating during busy periods or when there’s a long line of customers.

While the traditional 6 digit pin code is still an option, there’s no doubt that a QR code can speed up service, and is a lot more convenient for staff members that need to get jobs done or serve customers quickly. This ensures that staff can log out when leaving their terminal, and log back in with a simple swipe.

Want to learn more about how EPOS technologies can help speed up service? We have a full blogpost with handy information and tips.

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Easy Staff Log In

Following on from the convenience of having your own QR code and scanner, the unique code can also be used to clock staff in and out of their shifts. You can monitor who’s come into work, if anyone’s missing or late and follow up with staff. It’s a great way to let staff log in, and allows you to keep track of the staff rota using the SPARK Back Office to make sure your workforce are on time and performing well.

Track Sales

spark cloud office reportsWith every staff member having their own unique QR code and log in, you’ll also be able to track sales and monitor individual sales. Keep an eye on how your staff are performing and how many sales they’ve made in a day or over a chosen period of time.

Using this information you can set goals and KPIs to help improve the number of sales. Or use it to reward top performing staff to keep up the good work. Similarly, identify under-performing staff and motivate them to work on the goals or suggest further training if needed.

Discount Codes

With the QR scanner, create exclusive codes offering discounts, and send them to existing customers using CRM. Or advertise it on the SPARK dual screen and instruct them on how they can use the code when purchasing.

The QR Scanner lets customers apply pre-paid vouchers or discounts codes to their purchase from their phone, meaning it’s quick and easy and also helps build customer loyalty if you send personalised discounts codes directly to them.

Additionally with Streetaway’s app integration, not only will you be exposing your business to a larger audience, but customers will also be able to buy exclusive vouchers for your venue and use them when they visit, making it convenient for both your staff and your customers.

So, those are a few of the benefits of the small, but very helpful QR scanner that can enhance your business and staff performance. Speed up your service, tracks sales and also use it to offer discount codes to customers. It’s a handy addition to our SPARK terminal, purely to make the running of your business easier and efficient.

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