Let us introduce you to SPARK – the Smart EPoS system with features designed to make running your business easier and more efficient.

SPARK is the fully integrated Point of Sale system that will act as the central hub of your business. Using cloud storage, you can manage your business on one system and access company data whenever and wherever, as long as you’re connected to the internet! Storing business and customer data, accessing sales reports, and checking staff rotas are just a few of the features available.

Below we talk about different aspects of Spark and how this PoS system can benefit you and your business!

Cloud Storage

SPARK uses cloud software to store key data you need to run your business and access it remotely. There’s no need to come on-site to check reports or stock levels because a secure login lets you monitor live sales data, order stock or manage staff and menu items. Access it whenever and wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

With cloud computing, you can also create back up copies of the data and store it securely off-site. This is done automatically so, should your business experience any malfunctions or theft, the data is already backed up and can be retrieved.

The Spark epos system at a restaurant and bar with PDQs and QR scanner

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Spark’s CRM tool means that you can use sales and customer data to personalise and build a relationship. Encourage repeat custom by tailoring notifications and discounts to individual customers, setting you apart from your competitors.

CRM gives you details of returning customers for future bookings. So you’ll be alerted of any dietary requirements or just send them an enticing discount for their favourite dish and build that customer loyalty. The CRM tool is there for your advantage and to make each customer’s experience a memorable one.

Built For Hospitality

Each business environment is different which is why the Spark hardware is built with hospitality in mind. The sturdy terminal along with scratch-proof glass means reducing the worry of damage or cost of replacement. This makes Spark suitable for busy and often clumsy surroundings.

Maximise Your Efforts

To get the best out of Spark, utilise the tools to optimise your business operation. Speed up service with handheld PDAs for table-side ordering. Have employees access key customer data and preferences. Send the order straight to the kitchen so, staff can attend to other customers instead of running back and forth.

The stock management tool can help keep track of supply levels or put in an order if they’re low. You can easily make sure you have enough stock to meet customer demands and avoid disappointment. Also with the SPARK’s back office, you’ll be able to monitor staff performance and sales and check the rota to see who’s covering what shifts. Planning and maximising your efforts has never been easier!

PDQ sitting on bench by a restaurant window

Future Proof Your Business

You will say on top of your business and ahead of your competitors with regular updates and features from us. SPARK is more than just PoS and reservations, with new integrations, updates and tools. It enables you to monitor your venue and performance effectively – giving you an edge on your competitors. We’re continuously working on new updates and looking into introducing new features that will enhance your business and make managing it easier. After all, our aim is to help the Hospitality industry and run your business more effectively!

Our system will change how your business functions, giving you the control and access you need to manage your business. It’s easy to use and means training your staff is stress-free! SPARK can be adapted to your venue and operation without disruption. So, transform your business today with Spark!

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