Customers are what keep your business running. These are the people that have chosen to spend their hard-earned cash at your venue. Therefore, having an effective reservations system is quite important to make sure those customers can book a table with ease.

An intelligent booking system not only maximises your sales, but also ensure you’re providing the best service and don’t fail at the first hurdle. Messing up a reservation, over-booking or even forgetting to reserve a table will have a negative effect on your business. So, here’s how SPARK’s built-in reservations can aid your business, and make sure you’re off to a positive start.

Tailored To Your Venue

The built-in reservations is simple to use and easy to learn. Staff will get the hang of it in no time and won’t require hours or days of training. SPARK’s reservations is unique to your business and allows your to re-create a floor plan of your venue.

Get an instant overview of the seating areas in your restaurant to suit your business needs. This feature can also help you re-arrange your current seating arrangement once you’ve created the layout. If you’re not satisfied and think your venue would benefit from a change, the floor plan will let you see that.

Check Table Availability

Check the status of your tables at a glance. The tables can be colour coded and viewed by occupied, reserved, waiting and vacant tables. So, if you’ve got a table behind that wall over there and can’t see whether it’s being used, check your table plan to find out without having to go over there. Having this handy table layout lets you stay ahead, allowing you plan and clear tables in time for the next guests.

Prior Bookings and Walk-Ins

The reservations system is first and foremost for bookings. You need to have tables ready for the people that called ahead, but you’ll also have customers that arrive at the door hoping to get a table on arrival. That’s why it’s key to have a reliable reservations system in place – to manage earlier bookings and walk ins. The last thing you want to do is to turn away potential customers, which is why SPARK’s built-in reservations allows you to check available seating instantly and reduces customer waiting times.

Real-Time Reservations

Another aspect of the reservations system is that customers can make a booking online, which is then directly sent to your floor plan and reserves their table. This means staff can focus on other tasks while customers make their own reservations.

Maximise your efficiency and sales with a well-structured reservations system. Stay ahead in order to meet customer requirements and give them the best service. SPARK’s built-in reservations gives you control over your venue and bookings. Now you can focus on optimising your capacity by making sure you can accommodate more paying customers, and less empty seats!

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