SPARK EPOS SCHEDULE DEMO The all-in-one EPOS system that’s so much more.
Designed by hospitality professionals, for hospitality professionals.

Slide Clocking In And Out CRM Management Analytics Takeaway Function Discounts & Promotions Update Stock Bar Service Table Service The All-In-One Package Bill Splitting Transaction History Unlike many other POS systems, our SPARK terminal and Cloud Office has everything you need to run your business in one place.

Our powerful software covers all bases and scales to the size you need it to be, so no matter whether you’re in a multi-storey restaurant or a food stand we will have the software and hardware to support you.

Template Access your business data from any device, anywhere. Cloud Based NFC / QR code staff login – meaning there is no need for Dallas keys. NFC /QR Code Login All data is backed up and stored in case of theft or damage. Security The intuitive interface allows staff to be trained in minutes. Ease Of Use See detailed reports on every aspect of your business. Accurate Tracking Encourage staff to sell more with upsell prompts. Upsell Prompts
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To make sure you get what you need you can reach out to us at any time to arrange demo bookings or to ask any questions. Our basic package offers everything you need to run your business and you will continue to receive free software updates from us, but if you’d like additional functionality we have bolt on packages to further streamline your workflow.

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All of our software is custom built to fit the hardware we provide for seamless integration with each other, so no matter whether your customer goes to the bar, or whether staff approach them with a handheld, all of their bill information is up to date and can be processed or updated anywhere, anytime. 

We offer two main POS systems and four handheld devices that can operate with each other or independently.

Our Main POS terminals have inbuilt printers if you like to run a smaller operation, however it also has the ability to link with both bluetooth and wifi printers if you’d like tickets to be printed elsewhere.

The POS terminals that are available is a single display and the other a dual display with a customer facing screen, this allows you to customise it in any way you see fit, whether it is to show promotional marketing material, display the bill for the customer, or simply show announcements of any events coming up in the venue.

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With Cloud Office no matter where you are, you’ll be able to sign in and get up to date analytics on your business, staff performance, stock levels, sales and reservation bookings with live synced updates. You’ll be able to access what you need to market your reservations on your website and link it to the reservation page or URL’s / QR codes for leaflets, brochures and social media posts to advertise and promote your business to your customers. 

With our CRM tools you will be able to save your customers preferences and dietary requirements to give them their preferred special service every time, and give them targeted promotions and deals to give them an unforgettable experience.

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We are passionate about helping hospitality businesses reach their potential and truly believe that many of the most common time consuming problems the hospitality industry faces can be solved with smart solutions and technology. We know that means as a EPoS provider we need to bring as much functionality as we can to fit the great variations each venue has to offer, to be the one stop shop every hospitality business can rely on, if you’d be interested in seeing our products in action, please book a demo a demo below or reach out to us at 

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