It’s evident that workers within the hospitality industry dread splitting bills for large groups of people. It’s time consuming, stressful and there’s likely to be a few mistakes made, meaning a supervisor will need to get involved to fix it. This just causes more delays and takes up precious time however, it’s poor service if you don’t accommodate a customer’s request or refuse to do so.

The good news is that you can avoid all the above! Splitting the bill between a group of guests no longer needs to be every waitstaff’s nightmare – in fact they’ll be happy to it, and here’s why!

No More Wasting Time

With SPARK’s useful bill splitting feature, it’s no longer a time consuming process that staff want to avoid. Due to the navigation and easy to use software, it’s as simple as if you’re taking payment from one customer, and not a group of five for instance. Supervisors don’t have to step in when mistakes are made, and there’s no more wasting time. Staff can quickly learn the process and split bills with ease. It’s that simple!

Easy To Use

It’s so easy, staff will be delighted to split the bill. The SPARK software is straightforward and simple to use, meaning staff can learn how to split bills in no time. The feature is integrated as part of the system and is an option when taking payment. So, whether you’re billing the one person or ten, the feature is available to use, and doesn’t require any special access or authorisation to carry out the process.

Split by Item or Average

How do you want to split the bill? If a customer chooses to split the bill by item, it means the guest pays for each item they ordered in the group. For example, if Guest A bought another bottle of wine, they can pay for that bottle themselves without sharing the cost between the group. Alternatively, guests can split by average. This shares the total cost equally amongst the number of guests, regardless of the cost of each item.

Preferred Payment Method

Complete the transaction by cash or card and charge the guests individually. Whether they paid by item and selected to pay for their own meal and beverages, or split it by average between them, customers can choose how they want to pay. For each guest, there’ll be a summary of their order and an option to choose a payment method, eliminating unnecessary hassle or having to decline one payment method over the other.

SPARK’s bill splitting feature will help you save time, and satisfy customer’s needs without any trouble. Staff can learn to use it right away without having to get senior members of staff involved when there’s a mistake. It will optimise the quality of service you provide, and take it to the next level.

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