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With years of experience in the industry, we understand what is needed from your EPOS that helps you boost profits, save time & money and deliver a great customer experience. Get all the tools you need in one, simple package. Our ultra modern system is designed for better business operations. Do everything you need – from stock management to reservations, all-in-one place.

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With detailed reporting SPARK allows you to minimise labour costs, identify your peak times to maximise revenue. It’s never been easier to manage everything from one business.

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Let technology and mobile communication do the legwork between all your key business areas to increase sales. Full connectivity from reception to table to kitchen.

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Set recommended sides and up-sells for each item to encourage staff to up-sell throughout the customer journey.

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SPARK is packed with features to suit any kind of business, whether a small cafe, busy bar or brasserie or fine dining restaurant. Take the features you need with a low price to match. Our innovative technology provides SME’s with the tools to compete with the bigger chains but for a fraction of the price.