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[vtq_price_plan_single vtq_price=”£38*” vtq_footer_text=”” vtq_specifications=”Cloud Management Suite
EPOS Terminal Software
Menu Editing
3 Staff User Profiles
Voucher Function
Loyalty System
Optional Add Ons Available
E-commerce Platform at 10% + 20p Transactional Fee” vtq_link=”|||” css=”.vc_custom_1579368077982{border-radius: 3px !important;}”]
[vtq_price_plan_single vtq_title=”Advanced” vtq_price=”£256*” vtq_type=”* / month” vtq_footer_text=”” vtq_specifications=”All of Basic Plus:
Unlimited Reservations
Inventory Management System
Unlimited Staff Profiles
Customisable Table Plans
Set Menus
Optional Add Ons Available
Ecommerce Platform @ 8% + 20p Transactional Fee” vtq_link=”|||”]
[vtq_price_plan_single vtq_title=”Pro” vtq_price=”£376*” vtq_type=”* / month” vtq_footer_text=”” vtq_specifications=”All of Advanced Plus:
Customisable Front Screen
Tableside Ordering
Email Marketing
Kitchen Screen
Self Ordering System
Staff Timing & Attendance
E-Commerce Platform @ 6% + 20p Transactional Fee” vtq_link=”|||”]
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SPARK allows you to take the features you need, with fully tailored plans available you can pick and choose what’s relevant to your business. Fill in the form to get a personalised quote.

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How do I purchase SPARK?

Purchasing SPARK is really easy! Just click on the button below – yes – seriously. No difficult conversations, we’ll put you straight through to an order form and a system will be on its way as soon as physically possible. If you still have a few questions, we’ll be on hand to guide you through the process and help where needed.

Can I see how SPARK works before I buy?

Of course! We have a number of videos showing highlights of the SPARK system in action including visuals of the hardware and screens. You can find a link below to watch our best demo video, where you’ll be able to book a more interactive demo if you like what you see!

Can I buy features 'A La Carte'?

Great Question! Some features are only available with certain packages (Reservations are only available in our Advanced & Pro packages, for example) but many features are available as add-ons for a small fee. Available paid features are denoted by a ‘£’ symbol in the above feature matrix. Remember if you have any queries, you can always start a live chat at the bottom of the page!

What are my payment options - Direct Debit or Leasing?

You’re welcome to pay your subscription however you like – cash, card or magic beans (as long you can prove their value). We do however prefer Direct Debit and should you want to lease the system, we have a leasing partner who will be able to facilitate finance.

How long is the Contract period for SPARK?

Our standard contract period is for 24 months. This is an industry standard length and gives us the security to provide you with a comprehensive service. With regular software updates included in your package, your software will be as relevant and modern at the end of the contract as the start! As a friendly company, we do have flexibility so ask us about custom contract lengths!

Can I upgrade my package after purchase?

Yes, you’re able to upgrade your package at any point during your contract period without having to start a new contract. If you upgrade within a payment month, you’ll be upgraded immediately and charged the difference pro-rata for the time left in the month.

What support does SPARK offer?

We want to help you make the most of your new system. We’ve specifically designed it to be easy to use but if you do have questions about some of of the more complex features, we have a comprehensive support base including a live chat so you can find exactly what you’re looking for or ask a quick question!

Can I use SPARK with my existing hardware?

We developed SPARK to work specifically with our market-leading hardware. This gives you the most user-friendly and streamlined experience possible because everything is designed to fit perfectly. By focussing our efforts on making the perfect symbiosis between software and hardware, we’ve built a better system for you. Isn’t it nicer when everything is working in harmony?

How does the StreetAway App link with SPARK?

The StreetAway app is a system designed to link hospitality businesses with consumers through their mobiles. It offers real-time offers and promotions geographically through a map or by push notification to relevant users. We’ve developed additional tools to link with your SPARK system by allowing live reservations for your venue, self-ordering (where enabled) and deposit/self-order payment through mobile payment channels e.g. ApplePay. This is an incredibly exciting development as it allows smaller independent businesses to compete on the same level with large-scale operators with the budget to develop their own mobile apps.

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The combination of our software and hardware provides you with incomparable hospitality solutions. With the collection of stunning features, running your business has never been easier. We’re committed to making your daily life as easy as possible. Expect full in-depth training and support to ensure you get the most from your system and achieve your business goals.

Remote Access

Live support is built in to every system allowing our trained agents to dial in to the system remotely to diagnose or solve any issues.

Available from

Live Chat

Chat with one of our experienced team members online when it’s convenient for you.

Knowledge Base

A complete knowledge base with instructive articles and walkthroughs for every aspect of the system will ensure that every query can be answered with ease.

Submit Ticket

Can’t find what you’re looking for on our support site? Submit an online form detailing any problems for a quick response from our dedicated tech team.

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Need more help?

Our dedicated team are ready to answer any query. Or, visit our support site to view a comprehensive list of helpful articles.