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Our EPOS hardware, including our new Dual-Screen Display is designed specifically for the harsh environment and heavy use of hospitality: scratch-resistant screens, multiple port compatibility for accessories and drop-resistant handheld ordering devices for tableside and on-the-go ordering!

dual screen pos

Dual Screen Terminal


With the space-saving ergonomic system, receipts and orders are printed directly from the built in printer as soon as the transaction is closed. Additional printers can be added via Bluetooth to allow kitchen staff to receive orders in seconds. Perfect for busy venues with several offers to promote.

handheld device table-side ordering

Smart Handheld Assistant


Connected to your terminal via bluetooth. Eradicate the possibility of order error and allow smoother internal operations with the handheld device. Effortlessly complete table-side orders.

handheld device table-side ordering

Smart PDQ


The handheld system processes payments quickly and securely, so you benefit from an improved flow of income. Give customers peace of mind that their payment info is safe, while reducing the transaction time. Tableside orders can also be made from the PDQ

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kitchen display screen

Single Screen Display


Perfect for smaller businesses that want to keep things simple. The kitchen display screen allows you to improve staff productivity with the simple, easy to navigate panel.

mono screen pos terminal

Smart Terminal Mono


Designed specifically for the harsh environment and heavy use of hospitality: scratch resistant screens, multiple port compatibility for accessories. The T2 Mono has all the same functionalities as the dual screen terminal, only without the customer facing display.

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[vtq_image_box vtq_image=”2693″ vtq_link=”|||” vtq_title=”QR Reader” vtq_content=”QR Reader allows you to redeem pre-paid vouchers in seconds. Staff can also clock in and out with their own unique code.”]
[vtq_image_box vtq_image=”2661″ vtq_link=”|||” vtq_title=”Bluetooth Printer” vtq_content=”Connect your terminal to additional printers around the venue with the option to select specific categories for the ticket/receipt to print.”]
[vtq_image_box vtq_image=”2677″ vtq_title=”Metal Cash Drawer” vtq_content=”Keeps your cash safe and secure. The EPOS software triggers the drawer to open after a transaction, but it can also be opened with a key.” vtq_link=”|||”]
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