Kitchen Display Unit -
The T2 Lite

Our T2 KDS will enhance your kitchen service. This display is able to work as a standalone product or with a printer to make processing orders simple. Tickets are synced live with all aspects of SPARK’s eco-system so your kitchen staff will be fully up-to-date whether the order comes in from a waiter or by self ordering.

Tickets can then be filtered into custom orders and printed on demand. Custom notification noises and colour coding to notify the kitchen staff if an order comes in which requires special attention due to allergies or if a member of staff has tagged it as high priority.


Android 7.1



Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor


Main screen: 15.6″ FHD,


Our KDS is one of our latest additions to our SPARK product line. Designed with all of our products to be fully integrated, we have created this as a long term, value focused, paperless solution in the kitchen. Save the cost of this unit within the first few months with the cut down on printing paper.

Our easy to use KDS can be customised to work and display tickets the way that works for you the most. Different filters and notification noises will help your kitchen staff identify whether the next order requires attention due to  allergies or specific preferences. These purpose built units are designed to handle the rough environment of the hospitality kitchen as they are grease, oil and dust proof.