SPARK Ethernet Printer

Our Ethernet Printers provide a reliable solution to printing over any distance in your venue. Fully equipped with a cutter and thermal printing, removing the need to replace ink or tear the receipts manually. Providing a low maintenance printing solution for every kitchen.

Printing Method


Paper Size


Water proof, oil proof, dust proof design.
Ticket Alarm
LED Light Bar

The SPARK Ethernet Printer is a new generation of receipt printer, waterproof, oil-proof, and dustproof design. With auto-cutter and compatible with several operating systems.

It works seamlessly with our Terminal and Handheld devices allowing your staff to place orders and print to the kitchen effortlessly.

Tickets printed on this device will notify the kitchen or bar staff with a flashing LED light bar and a clear ticket alarm prompt. There are brackets available if you wish for this printer to be wall-mounted.