The point of sale system that increases efficiency and speed of service. All the tools you need in one package.

Self- Ordering 


Menus can be accessed instantly on customers smart devices and sent directly to the kitchen, reducing annoying mistakes & waiting time.

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Work Offline


Your system will continue to operate as normal even if your internet connection goes down. The cloud allows you to access your business data from wherever you are.

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Multiple Venues 


Whether 1 venue or 100, all the important is easily accessible from the dashboard. Get detailed reports from each individual site or an overview of company performance.

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Connected Ecommerce


Create offers and vouchers through the back office. These are then advertised on the customer facing display, and will also be automatically published on the StreetAway app to reach a significantly larger audience.

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Detailed Reports


As long as there’s an internet connection, it’s possible to access business reports and data through a secure login. Each set of reports can be viewed by day, week, month, quarter, year, or custom date range. Providing you with full flexibility and knowledge of your business data.

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Stock Control


Set a par level for each stock item, you’ll receive low stock alerts so you’ll never run out of your best selling products.

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SPARK EPOS - Customer Experience Strategy, Discussion