Manage your reservations directly from your integrated system. Receive notifications in real-time straight to your terminal.

Menu Management


Sort products into separate food and drinks categories for ease of navigation. Add images to each product to allow you to find any item at a glance, view how many recipes the product is used in, total units, and total amount available with the option to set custom units and portion sizes.


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Cloud Back Office

Your sensitive data is always stored securely and safely with SPARK’s cloud based software. Reports such as sales data and transaction history can be accessed from any compatible device from any location, meaning you can make business decisions remotely, wherever you may be.


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Real-Time Reservations


Maximise revenue by utilising space efficiently with an intelligent booking system.  Live reservations taken through your website, on a dedicated app or through social media, free up your staff to focus on delivering memorable service.


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Saved Preferences

Customers can receive a more personalised service by making their allergens and favourites known through a saved customer profile, delivering a more hospitable and safer experience for all.


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Customer Loyalty


SPARK’s built-in CRM feature allows you to target specific customers, build customer relationships and gain loyalty. Gather insight into customers behaviours and purchase history to tailor offers just for them and encourage repeat business.


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App Integration

Customers can book, order and pay directly through the dedicated app, receive bookings in real-time straight to your system. Customer information is stored, names, amount of guests, contact info and any orders appear directly to your terminal.


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