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We at SPARK collaborate with esteemed businesses to transform the Hospitality sector. At our heart we’re a software and technology development company with a background in hospitality. We’re passionate about problem-solving and applying those skills to our favourite industry. We are always on the lookout for highly motivated, driven, and creative individuals to join our team to promote Spark.


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Kudos to Saving offer a ‘one stop solution’ for all of your business outgoings. With a vast amount of experience supporting businesses, they pride themselves in delivering an outstanding service with an ethical approach.

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Fidelity are one of the largest electronic payment providers worldwide. They have been providing payment solutions since 1996 and currently process £1 billion of credit card transactions in the UK and £25 billion globally.

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Choose from countertop, portable and mobile terminals, dependent on your business requirement. All Cheaper Pay Terminals come Apple Pay ready.

Payment sense believe a card machine should fit the way you work. So whether you’re a chef, courier or coffee roaster, getting paid becomes ridiculously easy. All  card machines come with the latest technology, like contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Bambora offer all-in-one and easy-to-use payment solutions for online merchants, solutions that are easy to integrate.


Bespoke Payments offers a one-stop-shop for your payments needs. Bespoke Payments can advise you on what your business needs and make your life easier.

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Specialist Installers of Chip and Pin. Empower your business with Chip and Pin Direct, an independent supplier of the latest machines from Ingenico.

EuroPass provides a 360° expertise on operational services targeting Chinese Free Independent Travellers (FIT).

Whatever business you’re in, whether it’s big or small, on the web or on Main Street, simple or complex, Evo Payments can offer the perfect payment acceptance solution for you.

Founded in 2013, SwiftPass is a leading FinTech company dedicated to providing mobile payment solutions.

UKEX is a blockchain based digital assets exchange platform. With a mobile app, users can enjoy a convenient and safe trading experience, allowing you to transfer or receive payments securely.

Valitor is one of the few payment solutions companies who offer end-to-end solutions with issuing, acquiring, omni-channel and point of sale services.

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