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Slide Poynt Snaps Interoperate, Integrate and Innovate With SPARK The SPARK SP1 & SP2 innovative handheld devices integrate seamlessly with your main terminal providing a mobile ordering and payment device in your venue. The intelligent software encourages staff to upsell and interact with your customers resulting in an enhanced customer experience and increased sales. Reduce time on wasted staff journeys and costs in check pads and pens with the ability to take payments tableside. Both devices print customer receipts tableside with the sleek in-built printers. All-in-one smart handheld devices Intelligent software design Purpose-Built new pay bg

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Slide Cloud Office Seamless Integration With Cloud Office The SPARK Cloud-Office is where all your data is collected centrally. The SPARK SP1 & SP2 devices sync in real time here with your main terminals, so no matter what time of day you can view all reports and transaction data with our easily accessible analytics. Cloud Office 1

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Our software is tailored natively to work with all the hardware we supply, so if you're running our software you can rest assured that all hardware bought through us will be compatible, efficient and easy to use. Book A Demo

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