[vtq_headlines vtq_title=”Customer Loyalty”]
customer loyalty, app integration
[vtq_service_box vtq_style=”style-4″ vtq_title=”Customer Relationship Management” vtq_icon=”oslo-icon-add184″]Boost customer loyalty. The intelligent CRM feature captures in-depth details on customer preferences and spending patterns. View each customer profile to see amount of times they’ve visited, upcoming bookings, and any previous feedback.[/vtq_service_box]
[vtq_service_box vtq_style=”style-4″ vtq_title=”App Access” vtq_icon=”oslo-icon-cell12″]Customer retention is the lifeblood of any venue. With email receipts and loyalty programmes, coupled with advanced marketing automation and techniques, let the system do all the hard work and keep your guests coming back! Learn more about the integrated StreetAway app.[/vtq_service_box]
[vtq_service_box vtq_style=”style-4″ vtq_title=”Saved Preferences” vtq_icon=”glyphicon glyphicon-user”]Customer profiles can feed in to the CRM & Reservations system, so a diner can be welcomed like a regular and encouraged to visit your business again and again. Gather knowledge on their favourite products and tailor offers based on their preferences.[/vtq_service_box]