Customer Facing Display

The 15 inch interactive customer facing display allows you to will clearly display images, videos or promotions to your customers. You can run several campaigns/promotions at once, so a variety of content will be displayed on a loop. Also allows customers to see a digitised breakdown of their bill.

dual screen pos, customer facing display


Allow customers to see a digitised breakdown of their order, preventing the potential for incorrect orders. Create promotional messages and advertisements that can be scheduled, giving you the opportunity to maximise sales during busy periods, or promote offers during quieter times. A variety of content can be displayed, including images, videos, or interactive questionnaires.


Do you have a wine tasting event, or new menu launch? Keep your customers up-to-date on all of your events through the promotional screen.

Easier Payments

With payments linked to the app, customers can settle bills securely by themselves, even splitting out each ordered item individually by diner. Say goodbye to calculators at the table! Learn more on the bill splitting feature.

View bill splitting demo

App Integration

Promotions you create on your terminal will be automatically published on the StreetAway app, reaching a significantly larger audience of potential customers.

Request a Promo Video

Request a promotional video that can be displayed on your interactive dual screen. Display your latest offers, promotions or events to attract and engage your customers!