A premier

Personalised Service

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Understand Your Customers

Discover spending preferences and even your guests’ favourite food through the CRM tool. View upcoming bookings and previous visit information to truly understand your customer’s needs. Learn more about reservations.

Positive Feedback

Solicit positive customer feedback and resolve any issues directly rather than passively waiting and responding to public feedback. Customers are encouraged to leave reviews using the customer facing display after payment, allowing a more interactive experience.

Customer Preferences

Create customer profiles to gather data on preferences. Specific allergens can be added to profiles, as well as pop ups on individual orders ensuring you’re always going above and beyond for your customer.

Marketing Campaigns

Do you have great offers but no one’s claiming them? Tailor specific marketing campaigns to reach the perfect audience, all generated through the Customer Relationship Management tool. Integrate with the StreetAway app so your offers reach a significantly larger audience.