Table-side Ordering

table-side ordering

Table-side Ordering

A sleek handheld device linked directly to your EPOS system, allows staff to take orders directly at the table which reduces input error and saves time, staff journeys and a fortune in checkpads and pens.

Work Smarter

Spark’s smart PDQ is linked via Bluetooth directly to your EPOS system allowing staff to take table-side orders, reducing errors and saving time. Notes and amendments can be sent directly to the kitchen, eliminating wasteful trips back and forth.


Increase customer satisfaction and ensure every order is correct by allowing customers to self-order. Reduce waiting times and improve service as staff can focus on other duties while an order is being placed. Customers can also self-order through a dedicated app. Find out more


All ordering devices have mobile SIM card compatibility, offering a fast back-up data connection in case of internet or power problems. You can even take your system out on the road for outside events or festivals.