Point of Sale systems are at the heart of your business! They’re the tools that let you accept payments, keep control of your stock, and allow you to provide outstanding customer service.

However, many business owners are reluctant to upgrade. They believe that installing new hardware and training every staff member on a new system will cause disruption. Let’s go through why you should consider upgrading your POS.

Should You Upgrade Your Pos?

With modern POS systems and cloud-based software, integrating a new system into your business has never been easier. The cloud allows you to receive updates on your terminal without the need to purchase new hardware. This provides a more cost-effective solution.

Not only does using modern technology help your business to run more efficiently, but it also instils confidence in your customers. Many have unique features to improve overall efficiencies too, from intuitive stock control to built-in Customer Relationship Management tools. It’s important to consider what your business actually needs before you start exploring available options.

As POS technology improves and evolves, older systems fall behind putting businesses that don’t keep up at a disadvantage. It is crucial to get the right system for your business in order to beat your competitors.

When your venue gets busy, does your system make operations easier or more difficult? Are you spending more time than you should on maintenance or troubleshooting? Are you managing operations such as sales, labour and inventory from different applications? It’s probably time to upgrade. Here are a few examples of why you should upgrade:

Increased Sales

Intuitive POS systems can increase sales dramatically. A good system should facilitate a fast and easy transaction, so you never have to worry about delays and should be easy to use for your staff. The more comfortable they are using it, productivity will be increased and customer waiting times reduced.

Business performance can be accessed from any device in real-time with mart analytics and cloud-based software. This means employee performance can be monitored, allowing you to discover your most efficient members. The data right at your fingertips. You can make smart adjustments to place better performing staff at busier times to increase your bottom line.

Advanced tools such as integrated reservations systems can also boost revenue. Spark’s reservation tool allows business owners to maximise the number of covers and reduce dead space. Even during busy periods when there’s a group of 4 on a table of 6, the intuitive back office allows you to effortlessly amend table layouts to create a table of 4 and an additional table for 2. This enables you to maximise the number of paying customers on seats.

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Visit www.sparkepos.com for more information.

Enhance Customer Service

Give your customers what they want – a speedy and meaningful experience. Technology is forever evolving, consumers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy and often expect fast checkouts, quick payments and streamlined service.

Otherwise, they’ll take their custom to your competitors. The right POS system can significantly modernise your venue and enhance customer service for each and every guest. Integrated systems in particular with customer loyalty tools.

This allows you to directly and automatically contact targeted customers with personal offers, promotions and discounts to boost sales and increasing retention. This is because a POS system can store customer names, contact information, and even buyer behaviours and preferences. By utilising this information, you’ll never run out of their favourite wine again!

Improve Accuracy

Many POS allow different features to be customised. Such as an organised intuitive interface means orders can be processed quickly and correctly.

With the right features, you can gain tighter control over every aspect of your business operation: manage staff, stocks, sales data, and customer relationships. Cloud-based POS systems, in particular, allow you to access data from any device connected to the internet. So, you’ll have complete visibility and control.

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Increase Speed and Efficiency

Any kind of delay in service can be detrimental in hospitality. Customers are less willing to wait for more than a few minutes in a queue. If there are delays, a customer could cancel their purchase, issue a complaint or abandon their order altogether.

Therefore, speed and efficiency are imperative. A reliable POS software will decrease the time customers spend at the till and eliminate human error by employees. Products can be selected in seconds removing the need to manually key in items. Meaning staff can provide speedy transactions for customers and ultimately, increasing the number of sales. 

More Cost Effective

Although upgrading your system will mean spending money initially, it will be more cost-effective long term. With old cash registers, you often had to make a large purchase and additional payments every month for maintenance and other costs. Then you would pay additional amounts if there were any upgrades.

With Spark, you pay a monthly fee for hardware and software, with no upfront payment and receive automatic updates without any extra installation costs. Plus, with added tools such as inventory management and employee timesheets, business performance can be analysed in detail. So, you can identify specific areas where costs can be reduced.

Integrated Systems

A well designed POS system will make your life easier. Using integrated systems, everything you need is in one place. With Spark, complete orders at the table or easily allow instant payment by mobile device, freeing up your staff members to give better customer service or reducing labour hours. Never have a complaint about waiting for the bill again!

Whether you are a small café, busy restaurant or bar, our mission is to help you run a business more efficiently, while helping you create outstanding customer service. We understand the challenges faced in any hospitality business and have designed a system to help you solve them and increase profitability.

If you’re ready for a POS upgrade, contact us today to book a demo and transform with Spark.

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  1. David yes you are writing once we purchase a POS and working well how we know that at which time we should upgrade our POS. helpful blog. Waiting for your next blog to clearly understand which POS has to upgrade or which not.

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