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Smart Hospitality Solutions

A truly innovative modular EPoS platform which will scale and grow as you do

Our EPoS system enables you to adapt, gain new customers, increase profit and remain future-proof.


Our Approach

A Modern Design With Cutting Edge Technology

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A Partner In Your Success

Technology To Transform Your Business

White Line Drawing of a SPARK T2 Dual Screen Terminal on a Blue Background

Our intuitive point of sale technology provides hospitality industries with enhanced service, innovative technology and the ability to compete with bigger chains all within a sleek design so you can take your business to the next level.

Black Line Drawing of a SPARK P2 Pro Payment Device on a White Background

SPARK Pay is the ultimate all-in-one solution. Our portable card reader allows customers to pay in a variety of ways and give customers the option to split the bill in any way they want. Never miss a sale again with a SPARK Pay Device.

Black Line Drawing of a SPARK Kiosk on a White Background

Kiosks with self-service payments make it possible to differentiate between competitors and bring benefits to both the customer and the service provider, in terms of flexibility and control and also reduction of time.

White Line Drawing of a SPARK KDS on a Blue Background

Many hospitality businesses rely on POS systems that are fragmented from their printer or KDS. Here at SPARK we strive for seamless integration and ease of use for our customers

Our Process

Why Choose SPARK


When you invest in a SPARK product, we're investing in you and your business. We want to ensure we're helping you team and your business in every way we can.


Built By Hospitality Experts, For Hospitality Experts. Which means each of our product features are tailored specifically for the needs of hospitality businesses.


Our products are the solution to hospitality problems. We're doing everything we can to ensure that your hospitality business runs as smoothly as possible.


Trusted by restaurants and chains across the UK


Integrated Tech For Your Business


Tracking sales, cancellations, and booking can help your business forecast it's busy periods so you can ensure you've got the cover you need. Reservations is fully integrated with your SPARK EPoS system or as a stand-alone product.

Mobile Ordering

Our no-download web app makes it easy for customers to order, book a reservation, write a review or access their loyalty scheme. Plus, our cutting-edge features will give your brand the competitive edge it needs to succeed.


Our CRM is designed for building and understand relationships with your customers as easy as possible. Provide great customer experiences with customisable loyalty programmes, customer profiles and real time feedback.

Staff Scheduling

Scheduling your team is easier, faster and more efficient with SPARK. Produce smart hospitality scheduling with time tracking anywhere, instant sharing documents and team communications through any device.

Robotic Solution

Our Robotics

FoH Robotics

Front-Of-House Robotics

Our front-of-house robotics are designed for reception, delivery, and collection! Use them to deliver food to customers, collect their dirty dishes, cruise around a venue bearing refreshments and advertisements, or guide guests to their chosen destinations.

Cleaning Robotics 3

Cleaning Robotics

Our cleaning robotics do exactly what they say on the tin – they clean! Easily disinfect and automatically scrub your venue day in and day out with the use of smart, path-following robots that are sure to boost the efficiency of your cleaning operation.

Cleaning Robotics 3
Hotel Robotics

Hotel Robotics

Our top-of-the-range hotel robotics are built for multi-story deliveries and are able to operate lifts without any human intervention. Conduct automated room service and boost service efficiency all while going completely contactless.


SPARK EPoS Partnerships

To meet growing customer expectations in such a demanding market, you need the right tools to help you make your business efficient. Our SPARK Products can help you organise tables, manage orders and process payments.
Pubs & Bars
Running a Pub or Bar can be made so much easier with our SPARK Products specifically tailored to make the customer experience better. Your staff can have the ability to manage orders and take payments through a quick and easily navigable product.
Cafe & Coffee Shops
No need to worry about those morning rushes, our quick and easy-to-use EPoS products will help you. Our range of products aren't just tailored to large franchises, we also work great for small businesses needing a cheap but quick solution.
Quick Service
Quick Service Food & Drink needs to be exactly what it is, quick. Your customers can make speedy orders on our SPARK Products whilst you can update stock and prices in real-time.