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Staff Scheduling

Smart hospitality scheduling for your business

Our Approach

Interactive Rota Planning Built for Hospitality

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Plan & Schedule

Make sure all employees know when they are needed with simple planning and scheduling.

Real-Time Availability

Messages and updates are instantly sent, allowing staff to be updated at all times.

Team Communications

Invite team members to the organisation to instantly get updated whenever a shift changes or updates are made.

Staff Engagement

Actively invite staff to join with the company to consistently get updates on all the changes with rotas.

Our services

Professional Service, Affordable Price

Thanks to SPARK’s staff scheduling software, hospitality business owners can access the tools they need to manage their schedule and their venue more efficiently at an affordable price. 

Our software shows a timeline view of staff members shifts as well as their starting/finishing times which managers can easily edit. Operators can view by day, week, and month which makes it straightforward to organise shifts.

Employee Scheduling

Schedule shifts and receive live feedback from your team. Simplify Staff Scheduling from planning to distribution!

Time Clock

Track and manage employee work hours on jobs, projects and customers! Simple, accurate time clock solution!
● One-touch clock in and out
● Real-time visibility

Leave Management

All of your staff's time off will be recorded centrally in SPARK's Staff Scheduling system. Managers will be clear on who is available and when.

Full Integration

Our Staff Scheduling system is designed to integrate and work with all devices you have inside your SPARK eco-system.

Repeat shifts

Custom shift availability can be set for each employee and is intuitively displayed when creating the shift plan.

Easy Schedules

Adding schedules has been made as easy and convenient as possible. Cut time needed to make schedules down to minutes, instead of hours.

Our Services

Bring Value To The Company

0 %
Said they would leave their job if they lacked control over their schedule.
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Businesses can save time when using a scheduling software.
0 %
Employee Turnover is 174% more likely without real-time scheduling capabilities.
0 X
Employees with the ability to manage their schedule in real-time are 6x more satisfied than those without.

staff access

How staff can clock in

Pincode and Pattern

A traditional method for gaining access on any device.

NFC card

Staff can be issued cards to swipe, allowing them access.

QR code

Staff can show their QR code to clock in, saving time every day.

SPARK staff scheduling

Complete Staff Management Toolkit for Modern Hospitality

Easy to use, all in one staff rota app that scales with your business. Powerful rota software at your fingertips.

Staff Portal

Accessible on any device at any time. Staff can monitor shifts, claim shifts and apply for holiday all from one convenient place.

Management Portal

Manage your team remotely, easily plan staff schedules, view holiday requests, and send shift alerts with SPARK's smart staff scheduling.

Staff Scheduling - Devices

Work from any device

Staff management and scheduling can be sorted and created from any device. Staff can get notifications from whichever device they choose to use.

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