Be More Efficient with Self-Ordering Restaurant Technology

Embracing modern technology is a sure-fire way to make life easier for businesses in today’s hospitality industry and ultimately make customers feel safe by reducing unnecessary physical touchpoints.

Designed for a seamless user experience

Our Self Ordering web app allows customers to place an order without needing to download any apps. We have made it our top priority to make the user journey as convenient as possible, with a sleek modern design.

Personalise your store with custom images and logos for your menu
Seamlessly integrates with our terminal and prints orders in the kitchen automatically
Do service your way. Choose whether customers pay before or after their meal

All your settings and personalisation options are hosted in a single place


  • Access all settings and personalisation options from the back office to make changes quickly with our integrated software
  • Provide the customer with disposable QR codes for easy access
  • Free up your staffs time with our automated kitchen ticket printing

Customer Loyalty

  • Optimise user journey by allowing online ordering without needing to download any apps
  • Provide incentives, rewarding loyal customers to keep them coming back

COVID Secure

  • Disposable QR codes reduce physical contact points making it more hygienic and safe for all customers and staff
  • Mobile self-ordering and payments is a fantastic way for a business to not only reduce its costs and labour, but importantly also reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission by having fewer contact points between customers and waiting staff.


How does it work?

No need to download an app!

Simply scan a QR code and enter our web app.

Seamlessly sync the order with your PoS

Order is sent to your SPARK PoS system where it can be sent to the kitchen automatically or put on hold until a member of staff has approved the order.

Customisable Settings

You can configure your settings to determine whether the customer pays before or after the meal, to ensure that service is done in the way that suits your venue.

We also accommodate a streamlined service for the customers by allowing multiple customers to order at the same time, sat together at the same table.


With our completely automated self-ordering system you can free up your time and resources.

Fully Integrated customer self-ordering with your smart EPoS system


What our customers are saying

Sean Wood

Owner of The Printers Apprentice
Well what can I say. Starting off a restaurant business is challenging at the best of times, but i can whole-heartedly say my back of house management and usually daunting POS install has been a breeze thanks to spark. From inputting products and menus to taking payments, the team have been on hand at all hours to get us open on time. The system itself is flawless with huge positive feedback from both customers and staff... The best thing of all, communication has been fantastic through the Covid pandemic by use of zoom meetings and phone calls! It's a bit special to come across a company who's MD, sales team and technical team all take time from their busy days internationally to cater to our needs all at once. Thank you so much again guys, absolutely outstanding service

Adam Thompson

Owner of The Tipsy Horse
Absolutely Fantastic epos system, easy to use, setup and modify. Purchased two dual-screen terminals and the second monitor is great for showing customers special offers whilst they wait! Can't recommend Spark enough and the support that the team offer is second to none! Will NEVER choose another epos system company again!