Smart Hospitality Robot

About MYLO X

Meet MYLO X, the ultimate robotic companion designed to enhance your business needs. Featuring an exceptional ultra-high-definition advertising screen, MYLO X excels in effectively showcasing and promoting your business. With versatile delivery modes and seamless navigation capabilities across diverse floor surfaces, MYLO X guarantees an outstanding delivery service in any venue, ensuring your business’s success. Embrace MYLO X as your trusted ally, delivering both efficiency and excellence to meet all your business needs.

Delivery Modes

Quick Delivery


Direct Delivery

Cruise Mode

Delivery Modes

Quick Delivery


Direct Delivery

Cruise Mode

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MYLO X's Features

Advertising Screen

The 18.5″ advertisement display on MYLO X, intelligently adjusts to the customer’s viewing angle, amusing optimal visibility. Its front-facing screen enables you to advertise enticing images and videos of your menu specials, upcoming events, or even collaborations with local companies to promote their services.

Automatic Charging

When MYLO X’s battery is low, it autonomously navigates to the charging dock, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This self-sustaining feature exemplifies MYLO X’s efficiency, ensuring it’s always ready for tasks. MYLO X embodies reliability and hassle-free companionship with automated charging and navigation.

Bot-To-Bot Connection

Each robot within the network possesses the ability to communicate directly with other robots, facilitating rapid calculations and decision-making processes. This innovative design enables the robots to effortlessly navigate their surroundings, gracefully manoeuvring around one another without any hindrance.

In-Built Lighting

MYLO X enhances delivery with tray lights, guiding customers to their food. Each tray holds specific items, illuminating at the destination. This intuitive system ensures seamless, convenient delivery, enhancing the customer experience. MYLO X’s innovative tray lights make interactions efficient and customer-friendly.

Multiple Floor Types


Robot size  

58cm x 49cm x 129 cm

Tray size   

43cm x 40cm

Maximum Capacity 

40kg (10kg Per Layer)



Min passing space 









4G / Wifi



Battery Life

10 h

Charging Time

3 Hr

Screen Size and DPI

Operational Screen: 10.1 inch, 1280×720 

Display Screen: 15.6 inch, 1920×1080

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