Spot-Cleaning Robot


Spot Cleaning Robot


Spot Cleaning Robot

About SP50

Meet SP50, the groundbreaking spot-cleaning robot, setting new benchmarks of effectiveness and efficiency in the market today. With a remarkable capability of detecting over 30 different types of waste and debris with an astonishing 99% accuracy, this robot redefines intelligent cleaning. Discover the future of cleaning technology with the unparalleled performance of SP50.

0 ㎡ / hr

Cleaning Distance
(Spot Cleaning)

0 ㎡ / hr

Cleaning Distance
(Regular Cleaning)

0 hours

Run Time
(Spot Cleaning)

0 hours

Run Time
(Regular Cleaning)

Spotless Cleaning Precision:

Cleaning Technology

Intelligent Auto-Spot Cleaning

SP50’s intelligent auto spot cleaning feature efficiently targets and eliminates dirt and debris to ensure every spot is cleaned.

Advanced Waste Detection

The SP50 boasts an exceptional ability to identify and detect more than 30 diverse types of waste and debris.

CRC Technology

Equipped with CRC (Cleaning Result Checkup) technology, the SP50 meticulously re-cleaning areas to guarantee a satisfactory outcome.

Powerful Suction

Boasting a maximum suction of V25kPa, the SP50 ensures deep and thorough cleaning, effortlessly lifting dirt and debris for a spotless environment.

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Efficient Path Carving:

Intelligent Movement

3D LiDAR Technology

With cutting-edge 3D LiDAR technology, the SP50 navigates your space with precision and accuracy, effortlessly adapting to its surroundings for seamless cleaning.

Automatic Location Resumption

Bid farewell to manual intervention. The SP50 autonomously resumes cleaning from its last known location, efficiently completing its task without interruption.

Exceptional Cleaning Speed

With a remarkable cleaning efficiency of 21000m2/hr in normal mode and 20000m2/hr in patrol cleaning mode, the SP50 delivers rapid and effective results.

0 kPa

Maximum Suction of Vacuum Motor

0 mm


0 m/s


0 cm

Minimum Distance
from Wall

Adaptable Excellence:

The Ultimate Cleaning Chameleon

Versatile Flooring Adaptability

The SP50 effortlessly navigates diverse flooring types – soft, hard, and carpets – guaranteeing effective, quality cleaning performance.

Seamless Automatic Charging

Eliminate manual recharging as the SP50 autonomously returns to its charging station, always ready for uninterrupted cleaning sessions.

Dual Cleaning Modes

Choose between powerful vacuuming and gentle sweeping modes, tailored to your cleaning needs for optimal results.








Sweeping Width (w/ Side Brush)

Roller Brush Width

855 mm | 33.4 in

600 mm | 23 in

1050 mm | 41 in

132 kg | 291 lbs

720 mm | 28 in

460 mm | 18 in


Battery Type

Battery Capacity

Rated Voltage

Charging Time

Max. Run Time (Spot Cleaning)

Max. Run Time (Regular Cleaning)

Lithium Iron Phosphate

120 Ah

24 VDC

4 Hours

13 Hours

8 Hours


Max. Speed

Min. Distance from Wall

Min. Passage Width

Min. Turn-Around Width


1.2 m/s | 2.68 mph

<5 cm | 2 in

800 mm | 31 in

1200 mm | 47 in


Max. Theoretical Productivity (Spot Cleaning)

Max. Theoretical Productivity (Regular Cleaning)

Dust Filter Bag Capacity

Trash Tray Capacity

Max. Suction of Vacuum Motor

19870 m2/hr | 213880 ft2/hr

1987 m²/hr | 21388 ft²/hr

15 L | 4 gal

4 L | 1.1 gal

25 kPa

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