Greeting & Delivery Robot

Image of KettyBot in a Restaurant

About KettyBot

KettyBot is your reliable Greeting & Delivery Robot, designed to add a touch of elegance to your establishment. Available in two striking colours – Sleek Salt White and Bold Beige Yellow – KettyBot is more than just a delivery robot; it’s an aesthetic addition to your environment. With an impressive 18.5″ advertising screen, KettyBot grabs attention while effortlessly delivering dishes to your customers’ tables.

Why Choose KettyBot ?

KettyBot is built for hospitality.

KettyBot is perfectly designed to fit into any hospitality venue.

Escorting Mode

KettyBot ensures a safe and seamless journey, guiding users to their destinations with attentive navigation and assistance.


Delivery Mode

KettyBot efficiently navigates and delivers packages to designated locations with precision and reliability.

Ketty Bot next to table

Greetings Mode

In this mode, KettyBot warmly welcomes and interacts with individuals, creating a friendly and approachable atmosphere.

Customisable Front Screen Media

With a front display, you can advertise all your menu specials and upcoming events. Or even collaborate with local companies and promote their services. 

This screen adapts to where your customers are so it is always visible.

Automatic Charging

KettyBot can automatically put itself on charge when running low on power.

Bot detection

Our Bots can communicate with each other when in a venue, Ketty bot will never crash into each other.


KettyBot Features

KettyBot is packed full of features that make it perfect for hospitality venues.

Multi table Operation

Multi table delivery

Auto Recharge Icon

Auto Charging

Auto Navi

Automatic Navigation Planning

Cruise Mode Icon

Cruise mode

Bot communicaiton Icon

Multi bot communication

Vocal Communication

Verbal communication.


Improved Agility

The sleek design and inbuilt camera make traversing through any venue easy.

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