Premium Delivery Robot

Sleek Modern Design

BellaBot has an innovative sleek design Every aspect of Bella is modern and pleasing to look at.

3D Detection and Avoidance

BellaBot is equipped with 3D sensors and a new modular chassis. Bella can stop at any angle and move away when it encounters obstacles.


Ultra Reliable Detection

BellaBot has an ultra-reliant detection system, making sure no errors occur when in operation.


Minimum height detection


Front detection angle

5.4k Detections

Made every minute


Front detection range

Industry Exclusive Dual SLAM Solution

BellaBot supports both Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM positioning and navigation solutions in order to adapt to every venue. Both mapping methods are accurate and easy to use. Both positioning solutions that BellaBot offers provide the same excellent user experience. While the positioning solutions differ, BellaBot’s customer-centred service never changes.

Visual SLAM

Laser SLAM

Interaction Methods

Light Interaction

BellaBot can communicate with customers through inbuilt lights. The design of the BellaBot is intuitive and makes it as simple as possible for customers to interact with.

Touch Feedback

Bella has touch sensors on top of its head , allowing for a greater interaction with customers.

Smart Expressions

Bella can show a wide variety of emotions when interacting with customers in a venue.

Infrared Induction Tray

Trays are in modular structure that can be picked up Bella’s infrared sensors . The trays can be set up to suit the venue’s needs.

Fast Battery Change

Bella has long-lasting easily replacable batteries. 24/7 running is easy for Bella.


3* RGBD depth camera provide BellaBot with the  strongest  three-dimensional perception to date.  It can accurately detect and stop when encountering obstacles with a response time as short as 0.5 seconds.  

Auto-Level Suspension

Auto-level adaptive suspension. Suspension can be altered to match required speeds and floor conditions. 

Cloud Connections

Bot-to-Bot connections

BellaBot has a decentralised, flexible ad hoc network communication scheme and algorithm architecture. Each robot can directly communicate with any other robot in the same network, while quickly calculating and making decisions. This design reduces the requirements needed for the network, and requires less computing power.

Pudu Cloud

PUDU CLOUD platform provides a powerful cloud intelligent service support for Pudu robots, enabling smart catering, with specific functions such as: business management platform, automated operation and maintenance platform, scenario data collection platform, and cloud intelligent service platform.

SPARK Restaurant Delivery Bot

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