Compatible With All of Our Eco-System

Our KDS display will show all orders from local devices by your waiting staff as well as, all orders made through Mobile Self Ordering and Kiosks.

Multi-Functional Operation Modes

Our KDS comes equipped with multiple operation modes so you can switch between, Kitchen Check and Pass Screen or have two separate screens able to integrate and communicate with each other.

Streamline Your Service

Tickets marked as complete can be recalled from a separate display or marked as high priority to streamline your service.

Sit Back & Relax

Our KDS units will display and arrange tickets automatically, organising them based on what filter is selected, allowing your staff to focus on what’s important.

Other team members that have access to a pass screen can also update tickets without unnecessary trips to the kitchen.

All in one Eco-System

All devices in your SPARK eco-system can communicate with each other, providing real-time updates.

UI/UX Design

The benefits of an easy to navigate UI design and instant syncing with other devices will streamline your service.

The Power in Our Multi-Operational Modes

Our pass screen can update the kitchen display screen remotely, prioritising, recalling and completing orders to increase service efficiency and communication within your team.

A KDS is a display screen that will automatically display any incoming orders and the information required to serve the customer.

A KDS is a paperless solution to displaying orders for the kitchen staff, tickets can be marked as high priority remotely without going into the kitchen.

Yes! A KDS is a great paperless solution but is still able to work with a printer if you wanted to have the option of printing hard copies.

Our KDS can work as a kitchen check to display tickets for the chefs, as a pass screen for the staff to remotely update and prioritise orders, or as a calling screen to display the completed order, ready for collection by the customer.