SPARK Kitchen Display System is perfect for providing clear and consistent information to chefs while removing the need for paper. An adaptable touch screen makes it simple to train staff faster. Designed for kitchens with heat resistance up to 40 degrees. 


Integrated Kitchen Display System ( KDS) for a more streamlined kitchen.

Introducing a KDS into your hospitality business allows all of your devices to efficiently communicate with each other.  A Kitchen Display System is fully customisable for venues as they’re able to scale up as the business grows. 

Multiple Display Modes

Pass Screen

The pass screen allows staff to resend orders to the kitchen to resolve issues as well as keep track of orders that have been completed.

Kitchen Check Screen

The KDS Screen allows chefs to easily see what orders are coming through and what needs cooking at a given time. 

Calling Screen

Customers can see when their orders are being prepared and ready to be collected.  This allows staff to focus on preparation.

Designed for hospitality

Special Features

The KDS comes with unique features to ensure fast and safe service at all times.


When a customer orders a meal with something they're allergic to, it will alert the chefs to make sure they are aware.


The KDS screens can be customised with various colours and noises to make communicating important tasks easier.

Clock in/out

The KDS can clock in and out kitchen staff to automatically sort out timesheets. The hours are logged in the back office.

Stock integration

Stock management is fully integrated into the KDS. Ensuring stock checks are always accurate.

Ticket Progress

Items on orders can be ticked off as they are complete, ensuring meals are always prepared in full.


Orders can be rushed and made higher priority when needed form the KDS screen.,

Internal communications

KDS improves the communication between chefs and waiters. Important messages are never missed.

Digital orders

Your business, your KDS

The KDS can be used in multiple ways in order to fit perfectly into any hospitality venue.

Never miss an order

A KDS makes sure every order taken from a device is automatically sent through ready for chefs to prepare on an easy to read screen.

Streamline kitchen workflow

KDS can be customised to only show specific food orders, allowing kitchen staff to better understand every order in detail.

Digital orders

Your Kitchen, Automated

Automating your kitchen leads to increased efficiency and less errors when making food.

Order food and eat faster

Automatic orders reduce the time between food ordered and dishes delivered. Staff no longer have to walk to the kitchen after every order.

Mistakes are a thing of the past

Errors are eliminated at every stage of the ordering process. The chances of an error happening are reduced to the lowest levels ever.

Intuitive design

With an easy to use KDS, staff need minimal training in order to be able to fully use the KDS to its fullest. 

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SPARK KDS works and grows with you.

The KDS can fit into any venue to suit your needs.

Purpose Designed

SPARK KDS is designed for hospitality businesses. To ensure venues can run green while staying as efficient as possible.

Dedicated Support

Our Support library and dedicated team ensure that any issues that may occur can be resolved in minutes to get the operation back up and running.

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Eliminate the need to use paper within a venue to make it greener and save on costs every day.

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