The Future of EPoS is in the Cloud

Work wherever you want with your cloud-based SPARK EPoS system.

spark office collection

The Future of EPoS is in the Cloud

Work wherever you want with your cloud-based SPARK EPoS system.

spark office collection
spark office collection
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How SPARK Can Benefit Your Business Today?

SPARK is designed to grow with your business – it’s our mission to bring autonomy and empower hospitality with our smart solutions. 

Why Choose Us

Everything You Need in One Package

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Cloud HQ

Intuitive Dashboards & Statistics

Total Sales

Low Stock Items


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Daily Transactions

Sales Performance

Top Employees

20+ Unique Reports

Analyse and overview your venue’s performance with 26 different reports – from completed orders to refunds, invoices, wastage, discounts, and more.

Customer Reviews

View ratings of your venue in an easy-to-read table format, download them to create testimonials, and reply directly to customer reviews from the Cloud HQ.

Multi-Store Reporting

Compare and contrast your performance across your entire operation by viewing live, synced summaries of multiple stores from your master venue’s Cloud HQ.

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Cloud HQ

Comprehensive Reporting

Review automatically-generated, comprehensive end of day reports anytime, anywhere – and even create custom reports that best suit your business setup.

Cloud HQ

Menu Management

Organise Your Menu

Create your menu with our extensive category and item customisation. Set prices and costs, apply taxes, create options, and create set menus and deals.

Product Visuals

Add product visuals for your staff to act as cues and boost efficiency and productivity, and add visuals for your customers to boost attraction and encourage more sales.

Create Upsells

Create and organise upsells to apply to your products, not only maximising your sales income, but also making it quicker and easier for your staff to encourage it.

Allergens & Preferences

Assign preferences to certain products to maximise customer satisfaction, and use allergens to let them filter out any potential dangers and buy with confidence.

Dynamic Pricing

Quickly and easily change the pricing of either your entire menu or certain categories with one simple process, reducing the hassle of big adjustments.

Fast Menu

Boost the sales process’ efficiency even further with Fast Menu – list your most popular and in demand products first and save your staff the hassle of a few extra clicks.

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Cloud HQ

Staff Management

Easily manage your staff from the efficient comfort of your Cloud HQ and comprehensively review their overall performance and target progression.

Assign Permissions

Grant viewing and operating permissions to certain parts of the Cloud HQ to the staff members that need it, and safely secure others from those that don't.

Set Targets

Set and track individual staff targets - whether that be sales of a certain amount, or sales of a certain product. Set active periods of a limited time or make it a weekly goal.

Give Incentives

Achieving targets is not without a reward! Give your staff appropriate, motivational incentives by assigning their targets a promised bonus upon success.

Cloud HQ

Customer Rewards

Discount Offer 3D Ecommerce Icon Pack perspective

Voucher & Coupon Creation

Create and manage customisable vouchers, coupons, and gift vouchers right from the Cloud HQ to either print via receipts or give away and sell on your e-shop.

Discount Coupon 3D Ecommerce Icon Pack perspective

Dynamic, Customisable Rules

Set rules for your vouchers, such as how many are available, when they expire, what they can be used on, and what their minimum and maximum limits are.

Gift box 3D Ecommerce Icon Pack perspective

Sales & Redemption Reports

Review and compare your vouchers’ success with redemption reports. View how many are in circulation and which vouchers have been used by which customers.

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Revolutionising Hospitality with Cloud Technology

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Automatically assign tables and create table combinations to maximise the capacity of your venue, fill those extra seats, and reduce no-shows.

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Better understand your customer data and consent to market. Improve long-term revenue through poweful relationship management.

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Stock Management

Get the most out of advanced, user-friendly stock management capabilities, including custom measurements and automated re-ordering.

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Mobile Ordering

Speed up the ordering process with mobile ordering. Free up staff from repetitive tasks and give customers the contactless experience they crave.

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