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SPARK Restaurant Delivery Bot

Our bots can improve service in a venue

Best Industry Experts

All our products are made by hospitality experts for hospitality experts. We pride ourselves on always providing the best experience.

Fast Effective Solutions

SPARK Bots can take multiple deliveries at once. Speeding up service and freeing up staff to provide better customer service.

Business Valuation

All of our bots improve everyday service and customer service by allowing staff to have more time to engage with customers.


About Smart Bots

Innovative Bionic Design

The Smart Bots can be set up to navigate around your venue without any hassle. It is also programmed to stop within half a second or sensing danger. 

Our Hospitality Bots



A delivery bot with smart functions.


A delivery bot with an inbuilt ad screen.


A bot capable of large loads and a pager system for alerts.


Mist emitting disinfection robot. Which kills 99.9% of bacteria killed.

Flagship Models for Hospitality

Ketty and BellaBot

Hospitality is developing and changing with incredible speed. New advancements mean that niche trends will make you stand out far above the competition.

Bot UI

We create unique hospitality solutons

Our new bots are designed to bring your company into the future. While also reducing contact and improving customer experience.

Why bots?

Our bots are packed full of useful features.

Smart Bots are designed with many quality-of-life features to significantly boost your business potential.  Each aspect of the bot is designed to make the customer feel welcome while delivering the best experience.

Customer greeting

Smart Bots can greet your customers as they arrive at the venue and direct them to where they need to go.

Lighting prompts

Smart Bots can direct customers to their dishes through the use of built in lights.

Vocal interactions

Bot can have a customised voice and be respond to customer questions.

Unique reactions

Smart Bots can react to physical touches from customers.

Smart Interactions

Smart Bots can speak to customers as well as showing a wide range of emotions.

Meet Our Bot Family

Smart Restaurant with Smart Bots

Premium Delivery Bot

A Bot that efficiently travels around a venue and makes sure all surfaces are fully disinfected.

Reception Media Bot

Perfect for customer service, delivery, escorting and mobile advertising.

Clean-up Storage Bot

A heavy duty bot capable of taking a lot of heavy dishes to and from the kitchen.

Disinfection Bot

A Bot that efficiently travels around a venue and makes sure all surfaces are fully disinfected.

SPARK Restaurant Delivery Bot
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