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Why SPARK Robotics

Save Money, Make Profit

Experience the power of SPARK Robotics from just £10 a day, saving you money while effortlessly attracting more customers to boost your profitability.

Fast Effective Solution

SPARK Robotics excel in handling multiple deliveries, accelerating service, and empowering your staff to delight customers with seamless service flow.

Minimise Staff Shortages

With SPARK Robotics on your team, bid farewell to staffing worries like sickness, holidays, and recruitment challenges, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Smooth Navigation

Our cutting-edge robotics employ Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM positioning, adapting effortlessly to any scenario, for a smooth and remarkable navigation experience.

Contactless Service

Discover the magic of SPARK Robotics as it reduces touch-points in your venue, creating a safe and contactless service environment that customers will love.

Staff Productivity

Unleash your staff's full potential, with SPARK Robotics handling basic tasks, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional service and captivating your valued guests.

Enhanced Robotic Solutions

Service Robotics

Our front-of-house robotics are designed for reception, delivery, and collection! Use them to deliver food to customers, collect their dirty dishes, cruise around a venue bearing refreshments and advertisements, or guide guests to their chosen destinations.


BellaBot is a Premium Delivery Robot with an innovative sleek design. Equipped with 3D sensors and a new modular chassis, Bella can stop at any angle and move away with pinpoint precision when it counters obstacles. Equipped with four trays with inbuilt lights, Bella is capable of delivering food and indicating which tray is for which customer. With its expressive face and cat ears, Bella is a favourite of young customers.

KettyBot 1


KettyBot is your reliable Greetings and Delivery Robot, designed to add a touch of elegance to your establishment. Available in two striking colours – Sleek Salt White and Bold Beige Yellow – KettyBot is more than just a delivery robot; it’s an aesthetic addition to your environment. With an impressive 18.5″ advertising screen, KettyBot grabs attention while effortlessly delivering dishes to your customers’ tables.


Meet HolaBot, your Heavy-Duty Delivery Robot built to withstand the rigours of any hospitality setting. With its rugged, load-bearing design, HolaBot effortlessly handles up to 50kg of soiled dishes, ensuring seamless operations even during peak hours. Not only is it sturdy, but HolaBot is also incredibly resilient. This robot is waterproof and greaseproof, making it impervious to spills and splashes.



SwiftBot, the Versatile Delivery Robot, offers unmatched convenience in delivering your orders. Featuring secure enclosed storage, SwiftBot ensures the safety of your items during transit. It goes a step further with paging and calling functions, guaranteeing swift and precise deliveries. Watch as SwiftBot leaves a lasting impression with its laser projection, gracefully marking its path on the floor.

PuduBot 2

Meet PuduBot 2, the Universal Delivery Robot designed to cater to all your delivery needs with unparalleled versatility. Supporting a wide array of delivery modes, PuduBot 2 adapts to the unique demands of your establishment effortlessly. Its robust construction, featuring an enclosed, dust, and water-resistant design, guarantees the safety and integrity of your items during transport.

PuduBot 2


MYLO X is a Smart Hospitality Service Robot, tailored to elevate your business needs. With a state-of-the-art ultra-high-definition advertising screen, MYLO X effortlessly promotes your business. Its diverse delivery modes and smooth navigation conquer any floor type, ensuring stellar service in every venue. Embrace MYLO X, your reliable ally, delivering efficiency and excellence to fulfil all your business aspirations.

Enhanced Robotic Solutions

Cleaning Robotics

Our cleaning robotics do exactly what they say on the tin – they clean! Easily disinfect and automatically scrub your venue day in and day out with the use of smart, path-following robots that are sure to boost the efficiency of your cleaning operation.



Puductor is your trusted Disinfection Robot, providing peace of mind with its disinfection mode. With an impressive 99.99% disinfection rate, Puductor ensures that your space remains hygienic. Equipped with a shut-down motion sensor and a generous 15L capacity, it’s both efficient and user-friendly, making it the perfect choice for maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Pudu CC1

Pudu CC1 an Intelligent Commercial Cleaning Robot that can handle scrubbing, mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming. It follows programmed-shaped cleaning paths for the largest coverage in a venue and doesn’t miss a single spot. Equipped with a large capacity 15L clean water tank and a 17L waste water tank with an exclusive workstation, it automatically fills and drains the water. It also provides real-time notifications and reports for cleaning performance.



Phantas is your All-in-One Cleaning Robot, offering a wide array of cleaning modes, including vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing, and dust mopping. With automatic charging, edge cleaning capabilities, and the ability to perform auto-spot cleaning, Phantas ensures your space stays pristine. You can easily control and customise its cleaning routines through a user-friendly app.


Meet SP50, the groundbreaking spot-cleaning robot, setting new benchmarks of effectiveness and efficiency in the market today. With a remarkable capability of detecting over 30 different types of waste and debris with an astonishing 99% accuracy, this robot redefines intelligent cleaning. Discover the future of cleaning technology with the unparalleled performance of SP50.

SP50 1
L50 1


L50, the AI-Powered Scrubbing Robot, leads the way in cutting-edge cleaning technology. This scrubber is engineered to swiftly cover vast surface areas, reducing cleaning time significantly. Its remarkable pad pressure ensures thorough and efficient cleanliness, making it the go-to solution for all your cleaning tasks. Embrace the power of CenoBots L50 and elevate your cleaning experience to unmatched levels of excellence.

Enhanced Robotic Solutions

Hotel Robotics

Our top-of-the-range hotel robotics are built for multi-story deliveries, and are able to operate lifts without any human intervention. Conduct automated room service and boost service efficiency all while going completely contactless.

ButlerBot W3

ButlerBot W3 is an All-in-One Hotel Solution that can provide you with safer, warmer, and smarter delivery service, all while developing an intelligent hotel ecosystem. ButlerBot W3 is designed to elegantly fit into your venue, coming in noble gold and premium silver. It is also able to use and operate elevators on its own, and can conduct multiple deliveries at once with its versatile, privacy-conscious storage, meaning its comfortably equipped to carry any amenities your guests might need.

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SPARK Smart Bots are designed with many quality-of-life features to significantly boost your business potential.  Each aspect of the bot is designed to make the customer feel welcome while delivering the best experience.