A simple and smart tool that will help
grow your business.


All the powerful features from a SPARK system in one compact package.

Staff Time Management

Manage the working hours of your staff easily, all hours logged on the terminal / handheld are synced with the Cloud Office every day.

User friendly Design

Operator experience is our focus when designing our handheld devices. A simple user journey greatly reduces staff training time.

App Personalisation

All of your products will display your custom up-sells and preferences automatically.

High Performance

Our devices are fast, responsive and equipped with a large battery to last your entire service session.

Product Reports

All transactions are recorded in the Cloud Office and also on the devices local transaction history to make all of your reports easily accessible.

Real Time Data Sync

Our handhelds will sync with all other devices within our Cloud eco-system to make monitoring your in venue traffic simple.

One Device For All

Our  handheld devices can be used by every member of your team. 

Our seamless integration means that all store information is synced between devices to give you a live up to date view of what’s happening around your venue.

Our smart functionality within the handheld itself allows operators to process bills and transactions easier than ever before, bill splitting and applying discounts can be done in different ways and removes any risk of human error.

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Integrated CRM

Our handheld device with a built in CRM system makes it easy to add customers to your Cloud Office CRM database.

From here you can bind NFC cards to customers to make loading their profile on the terminal or handheld much easier. This will allow your customers to collect reward stamps or points if you want to offer a reward program.

Our CRM system can also be used to store important dates to send automated targeted email promotions, deals or discounts, as well as, important allergen information and tags.

Working with SPARK Cloud Software is simple


Our Handheld devices make orders significantly more convenient by offering table-side service to your customers and syncing in real-time with your terminal.

Customer Loyalty

With any handheld device you can add customers to your CRM database and bind them with their very own NFC card for access to your loyalty schemes or paid memberships.

Take Payment

SPARK Pay is now available on our smart payment machines to make, contactless and card payments more convenient than ever.

Take your service to the next level

What separates us from regular PDQ machines capable of table-side service is our built in smart functionality to prevent human error.

SPARK Pay is the new payment solution to remove the need for fragmented PDQ systems.

You will never need to enter a card payment manually on a POS system ever again.

Choose the plan that's right for you

Single Device

One Handheld License
£ 25
/ per month
  • One handheld device

Dual Device

2 Handheld Device Licenses
£ 40
/ per month
  • Two Handheld Devices

Quad Device

4 Handheld Device Licenses
£ 60
/ per month
  • 4 Handheld Devices


We offer multiple handheld solutions, depending on your needs.

SPARK Pay is available in our payment solutions line to allow you to take payments table-side.

If you don’t need to take payments table-side, our waiters assistant devices can process orders and sync with your terminal and kitchen printer to speed up your service.

Yes, you can load any of your customers profiles by scanning an NFC card if you have an NFC enabled handheld device, entering their email address to load their account or scanning their unique QR code.

Yes, all devices within your SPARK eco-system will upload all transaction data to your Cloud Office. You can also view the transactions locally by selecting X read and viewing a digital receipt.

Yes, as long as you have a reliable internet connection our handhelds can work independently, uploading all transactions to the Cloud Office.

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