Serve your customers anytime, anywhere.

A simple and smart tool that will help streamline your business operations.


SPARK Pay is enabled to work with all SPARK approved payment devices.


£ 250
  • Barcode Scanner
  • NFC Reader
  • Chip and Pin
  • Magstripe Scan


£ 373
  • NFC Reader
  • Chip and Pin
  • Magstripe Scan
  • Built-in Receipt Printer


All the features you need to enhance your service.

Staff Time Management

Manage the working hours of your staff easily, all hours logged in on the terminal / handheld are synced with the Cloud Office every day.

User Friendly Design

Operator experience was our focus when designing our handheld devices. A simple user journey greatly reduces staff training times.

App Personalisation

Our devices are fast, responsive and equipped with a large battery to last your entire service session.

High Performance

Our purpose-built hardware is fast, responsive and equipped with a large battery to last your entire service session.

Product Reports

All transactions are recorded in the Cloud Office and also on the devices local transaction history to make all of your reports easily accessible.

Real Time Data Sync

Our handhelds will sync with all other devices within our Cloud eco-system to make monitoring your in venue traffic simple.


Preventing human error

Our smart payment devices are capable of complex functions such as bill splitting, accepting different payment methods and more, increasing accuracy and reliability.

Working with SPARK Pay is simple.

Process the Order

All devices are capable of the same functions as our other handheld devices and can communicate with kitchen printers.

Processing the Transaction

Our SPARK Pay device is adaptable, capable of taking payments, splitting the bill and applying discounts accurately.

Increase Service Speed

With two POS systems integrated, customers can expect less waiting times and more payment convenience. Leading to positive reviews.

Payment Features

Friendly Interface

An easy to use user interface ensures that the staff will require little to no training to get started with SPARK pay.

Powerful Options

Our Smart PDQs come equipped with multiple ways to take a payment and software to do all the calculations.

Instant Sync

Through our Cloud platform the payments taken on SPARK Pay are saved in the transaction history and sync with your Cloud Office instantly so you can monitor every transaction in real-time.

Work faster with powerful tools

How do I get started?

Getting started with a SPARK Pay Smart PDQ in your venue could not be more simple.

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SPARK Pay is available for all of our smart payment devices

Our P2 Lite and P2 Pro are able to use the SPARK Pay functionality but for more basic functionality we also offer smart handheld devices.

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