Slide Reservations From £29 a month. No hidden charges.

Completely unlimited and commission free.
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Use SPARK Reservations with any EPOS

SPARK reservations allow you to maximise covers and ultimately increase your profits. Manage bookings from any device, anywhere.

 Completely unlimited and commission-free

Drive traffic to your site & increase bookings

Eliminate no-shows with deposit control.

View your bookings by list, table plan or timeline.

Unlimited Reservations for £29 a month

Tired of paying commission for each cover on top of your monthly fee? 
With SPARK , all you pay for is your monthly subscription.
There are no hidden charges.

Maximise efficiency & boost profits.

✔️  Optimise Profitability 
 Create table combinations to maximise capacity & fill those extra seats.

✔️  Reduce No Shows
 Send email notifications ahead of bookings.

✔️ Optimise Table Turns
Set table time slots depending on the amount of guests.

Streamline your table

✔️  More Control
Control which tables are bookable or set specific slots of availability for each one.

✔️  Effective Management
Assign table status at each stage of the booking process.

✔️  Stay Organised
Print out your full booking list in time order along with customer notes & allergen requirements.

Save up to £200 a month with SPARK

Reduce costs. Increase bookings. Increase revenue. 

Improve your planning and scheduling

✔️  Access Data Anywhere
View reports from any device connected to the internet.

✔️  Track Sales Data
Enter the amount spent by each guest to effectively track sales data.

✔️ Forecast More Efficiently 
Analyse  your reservations dashboard to determine your average weekly covers.

✔️  More Control
Control which tables are bookable or set specific slots of availability for each one.

 Gain more bookings & increase profitability

✔️  Increase Your Bookings
Drive more traffic to your website with our integration tool. Guests will be prompted to make a booking.

✔️ Delight Your Customers 
Allow guests to book with real-time availability.

✔️  Never Miss A Thing
You’ll receive notifications whenever a new booking is made.

✔️  Free Consumer App
Give guests ultimate flexibility. Accept reservations from our free consumer app, StreetAway.

The smart solution for  restaurant management

Full EPOS and Reservations Integration

Our full reservations and SPARK EPOS integration is coming soon. This means when you receive a new booking, you’ll get a notification directly on your terminal. Reservations can be managed from your EPOS or through the cloud office.

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