ButlerBot W3

Smart Hotel Service Robot

ButlerBot W3

Smart Hotel Service Robot

ButlerBot W3

Smart Hotel Service Robot

In the era of AI and IOT, Robots will bring you a new hotel experience!

Through cloud management platform and IoT system, our robot can provide you with safer, warmer and smarter delivery service, developing an intelligent hotel ecosystem.

The UK ButlerBot W3 Premium

SPARK EPoS is delighted to announce its collaboration with Maldron Hotel Newcastle, aligning with the hotel’s focus on innovation in 2023. As 2023 begins, the addition of ButlerBot W3 to the Newcastle branch highlights their commitment to modernising the hospitality experience. This partnership is a pioneering step towards modernisation and represents the dedication of both SPARK EPoS and Maldron Hotel to innovative technology.

Elevate Your Guest Experience


A better, more immersive venue experience for guests and staff alike

Smart Welcome

An intelligent usher mode to vocally welcome and guide guests throughout the venue

Room Service

Quick and contactless amenities delivery

Privacy Conscious

Delivery is secure, enclosed, and location can be hidden for complete guest privacy

Highly Efficient

Saves waiting times, conducts repetitive tasks, and can be controlled remotely

Safety First

Intelligent path tracking and obstacle detection

Modern Design

Two metallic colors represent a sense of technology and class, perfectly melding with the atmosphere of a high-class venue.


Noble Gold


Premium Silver

Reliable, Flexible Service

ButlerBot W3 can take elevators by itself and provide service for guests any time of the day or night, offering reliable and privacy-conscious delivery service.

Intelligent Robot Management Platform

From the KEENON management platform, users can digitally control and customise the robot's operation and view IoT operation data at any time, truly realising unmanned intelligent distribution.


Your Customised Robot Assistant

Modern Design

ButlerBot W3 is designed to elegantly fit into your venue with its sleek, modern design and endearing blinking eyes.

Varied Storage Space

ButlerBot W3 is able to conduct multiple deliveries at once, meaning its comfortably equipped to carry any amenities your guests might need.


Auto-recharge enabled. ButlerBot W3 returns to its charging port when low on battery, requiring no manual intervention.

Effortless Delivery

ButlerBot W3 is designed with ease-of-use in mind, ensuring both staff and customers can operate it without any difficulty.

Product Specifications

Product Size (W*D*H)


Maximum Angle

≤ 5°

Minimum Passage Width


Battery Life


Number of Cabins


Cabin Size


Product Weight


Maximum Speed


Charging Time


Battery Capacity

DC 48V 12Ah

Load Capacity

20kg (10kg per layer)

Operating System


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