Enhance and Optimise Relationships

Customer Relationship Manager

Built by hospitality experts, our CRM is designed to make understanding and building relationships with your customer as easy as possible.
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Keeping Customers Happy

Everything You Need To Maintain And Grow Customer Relationships

Our SPARK CRM is designed to help hospitality businesses create and maintain strong relationships with their customers. Built by experts, it includes features like CSI, email marketing, loyalty programmes and customer concierge to make managing your customers easier than ever.

Customer Profiles

Build Your Customer Database

Customer Concierge

Staff can create customer profiles and decide what information is added. Ensure that no profiles can be created without first being confirmed by a member of staff. Create the best service for your customers every time they come to your venue.

Customer Concierge
Custom Tags
Custom Tags

Create custom tags such as vegetarian, student or even blogger to customer profiles. These tags will help define your customers and ultimately provide more enhanced service.

Email Marketing

SPARK allows for Email building straight from the back office. Provide up to date information to customers from one device. Send emails to custom groups, making the most impact to those it will affect the most.

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Customer Loyalty

Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

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Building A Loyalty

With SPARK loyalty you can tailor rewards to fit your business and customers. Whether it be freebies, discounts, or exclusive access to new products, you can be sure your loyalty program will keep your customers coming back for more.

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Earning & Redeeming

Customers earn loyalty on every qualifying purchase and can redeem it in the future. During a sale, staff can view the customers balance and apply the balance at the checkout

Loyalty Reports
Knowing Your

With our CRM you can see who your customers are. Through membership reports, you can view customer demographic. Understand who your most loyal customers are and how they spend.

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Everything you need
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Feedback & Reviews

Get The Most From Your Customers


Ask customers for feedback on each purchase via the EPoS customer facing screen and mobile ordering app. Analyse these reviews to identify your business’s weak points and make improvements. 

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