Introducing SPARK Kiosk

SPARK’s smart, self serving Kiosk will revolutionise the self ordering market bringing automation and a great display with a modern UI to businesses enhancing user experience.

Streamlining Service

The adoption of self-service devices decreases the dependence on staff manually processing orders and payments. This also cuts the length of waiting lines, which is efficient and convenient for all customers.

Mobile and Kiosk Ordering

Customers spend 30% more when using self-ordering kiosks than when ordering traditionally. Customer experience can be comprehensively enhanced with smart equipment.

Ordering Through Waiting Staff
Orders Placed Over Phone
Ordering By Mobile Or Kiosk
The Landscape of Hospitality Is Changing

In An Increasingly Connected World, We See Consumer Behaviour Changing

Customers more than ever before are ordering through smart devices. With self service kiosks, your restaurant will be able to offer a different, agile and practical experience to your customers and this could the differentiation you need to set you apart from your competitors.

Why use self service Kiosks?

What would be the benefits?

A kiosk is user friendly, offers all the upsells and will also process payments from customers. 

A kiosk being fully automated can serve customers freeing your existing staff and resources to be allocated elsewhere.

Recent surveys suggest that consumers behaviour is shifting, showing a preference for mobile ordering by phone or kiosk, especially amongst the younger generations. 

What we value...

We are committed to bringing the technological revolution to hospitality.

With Cloud based software it’s never been a better time to modernise the hospitality industry, cut labour costs and staff training fees. Self serve kiosks take the next step in automating service and will now support cloud updates to keep them on the cutting edge by design, and relevant in a fast paced market.

Why Choose SPARK?

What sets us apart?

UI & UX Design

Our UI and UX design is constantly kept up to date and modern with the end user in mind.


All of the devices in our eco system are integrated with each other for adaptability.


For the functions we offer, we are unmatched on price.

Well Supported

Guides for the kiosk are easily accessible as well as an attentive support team.

How will it work?

Fully Integrated With Everything in Our Eco System

What sets our Kiosk apart from our competitors is the integration with our other devices. Customers will benefit from our fully integrated system capable of real time syncing with other POS systems, KDS Units and Printers.

Order Placed

Customers can order from our easy to use friendly UI and pay.

Sent to the kitchen

Whether you have just a kitchen printer from us or a kitchen display unit, all orders will seamless sync with our other devices.


Once the order is delivered and the customer is served, the cloud office and all connected devices are updated.

Choosing the plan that's right for you

Our Sales team are always happy to help with a bespoke quote just for your business. Book a demo today to discuss your requirements and explore the benefits of SPARK software.

Keeping it Simple

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Let's get things started...

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