Fully Integrated Self Service Kiosk

What is a Kiosk?

Kiosks increase ordering while staying safe

Kiosks are devices that allow customers to interact with a screen to build up their orders. This allows for complete customisation from customers while avoiding unnecessary person-to-person contact.

Increased Order Size

Customers that order via self service machines tend to spend more on average and build bigger orders .

Greater Productivity

Kiosks allow staff to be more flexible and productive in their day to day roles. Staff don’t need to focus on taking orders in a venue.  

Better Service

Staff members can focus more on providing greater customer service instead of having to take orders all the time.

Reduce Queues

With many Venues have a lot of queues that can take up most of their space. Kiosks help reduce queueing by speeding up the order time. 

Fewer Contact Points

Kiosks reduce the amount of touch points that occur between the people in a venue.  This is vital for rebuilding after the pandemic and speeding up orders.

Limit Human Error

Customers input their own orders into the kiosks. There is no missed communication between customers when making orders.

Why use self service Kiosks?

Automated processes

Throughout the order building process, customers are automatically prompted with promotions and up-sells that are available.

All Payments that are made on the Kiosks are automatically synced on the back end CRM system. orders are never missed.

Customers that have loyalty cards can easily scan their cards or apps to access their deals and gain points towards rewards. 

When a customer scans their loyalty card on a kiosk, the discount is automatically applied.  

Make it your own.

Customisable Ad Screens

The kiosk has many customisation options available to make it suit your business better. This includes Ad screens , brand promotions, as well as fully customisable menus. 

The Landscape of Hospitality Is Changing

Updates In Real-Time

All functions on a Kiosk can be updated and altered in real-time on the back office.  If for any reason a Product shouldn’t be displayed , then that product can be turned off in the back office section. 

What we value...

Professional Support

The kiosks can be installed in a venue in 2 ways , either with a stand or mounted on a wall. Our Kiosks are designed to work anywhere in a venue while looking good. Our professional support team can install the kiosk in your venue while also offering after sales support to ensure everything is working perfectly.

Why use self service Kiosks?

What are the benefits?

A kiosk is user friendly, offers all the upsells and will also process payments from customers. 

A kiosk being fully automated can serve customers freeing your existing staff and resources to be allocated elsewhere. 

Recent surveys suggest that consumers behaviour is shifting, showing a preference for mobile ordering by phone or kiosk, especially amongst the younger generations. 

What we value...

We are committed to bringing the technological revolution to hospitality.

With cloud based software it’s never been a better time to modernise the hospitality industry, cut labour costs and staff training fees. Self serve kiosks take the next step in automating service and will now support cloud updates to keep them on the cutting edge by design, and relevant in a fast paced market.

Why Choose SPARK?

What sets us apart?

Purpose built
Purpose Built

Our software is built by hospitality experts for hospitality experts.

Free Updates
Free Updates

All future kiosk updates are guaranteed and will always be free.

Complete Solution
Complete Solution

All our products work seamlessly together and all connect and communicate with each other .

Remote control
Remote Control

If any issues occur then our support team can remote connect to a Kiosk and find out how to fix any issues that may arise.

UI & UX Design

Our UI and UX design is constantly kept up to date and modern ensuring a smooth user journey every time.


All of the devices in our eco system are integrated with each other for adaptability.


For the functions we offer, we are unmatched on price.

Well Supported

Guides for the kiosk are easily accessible as well as an attentive support team.

How will it work?

Fully Integrated With Everything in the SPARK Eco System

What sets our Kiosk apart from our competitors is the integration with our other devices. Customers will benefit from our fully integrated system capable of real time syncing with other POS systems, KDS Units, and Printers.

Place Order

Customers can order from our user friendly interface to  pay for their custom orders.

Notify KDS

When taking orders via our paperless Kitchen Display System, all orders are automatically synced and show to chefs immediately.

Effortless Delivery

Once the order has been served to the customer, the cloud office and all connected devices will update with the new information.

Choosing the plan that's right for you

Our Sales team are always happy to help with a bespoke quote just for your business. Book a demo today to discuss your requirements and explore the benefits of SPARK software.

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