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How Cosmo stays ahead of the curve

COSMO offers an authentic tour of the world’s most loved dishes under one roof. Whether you’re after a taste of Asia or craving a hearty carvery, at COSMO, you can enjoy unlimited courses for one set price every day.

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Business Type

Buffet Style Restaurant

Products Used

BellaBot, KettyBot, HolaBot


Glasgow St Enoch, Bournemouth, Reading

The Robotic Solution

Since opening in 2003, COSMO has expanded throughout the UK and Ireland as customers embrace global dining and flavours from all corners of the world. From families and foodies to couples on a date night and big groups, COSMO has something for everyone.

However, in a post COVID world, Cosmo have had to find a way to adapt their buffet style restaurant. On February 21st, 2022, Cosmo opened their 19th restaurant in the UK. With this new venue in St Enoch, Glasgow, Cosmo decided to also introduce SPARK Robotics. With BellaBot, KettyBot, and HolaBot joining their team, Cosmo 


Service Made Easier

With the use of robotics for jobs like carrying used plates and delivering food, staff can now focus on keeping customers satisfied and service flowing.

Staff Shortages Solved

With robotics in their venue, YO! have one less member of staff to account for staff sickness and holidays. The robotics are always be prepared to work.

Save Money, Make Profit

Robotics can be introduce from as low as £10 a day. Not only will they save you money but they'll also bring profit in by attracting customers through the novelty of robotics.

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The Products

BellaBot 2


BellaBot is a premium delivery robot with multi operational modes. Equipped with four trays with inbuilt lights, Bella is capable of delivering food and indicating which tray is for which customer.

KettyBot 2


With a minimalist design and a compact size, KettyBot is perfectly designed to fit into any hospitality venue as a delivery and reception robot with a customisable advertising front screen.

HolaBot 2


HolaBot is a heavy duty delivery robot with ultra large carrying capabilities and key features such as smart navigation, obstacle detection, notification reminders and a pagering function

Cosmo Spark

Want to know more about the partnership between SPARK and Cosmo? Head to our blog to find out more.