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Indulge in a global culinary odyssey at COSMO, where you can experience an authentic tour of the world’s most beloved dishes. From the tantalising flavours of Asia to the comforting indulgence of a hearty carvery, COSMO offers an unparalleled dining experience. Delight in the abundance of unlimited courses, all for one set price, every single day.

Business Type

Buffet Style Restaurant


BellaBot, KettyBot, HolaBot


Glasgow, Bournemouth, Norwich, Reading, Oxford

The Robotic Solution

A pioneer in the dining landscape since its establishment in 2003, Cosmo restaurant continues to embrace innovation and cater to diverse culinary preferences. In response to the evolving needs of the industry, Cosmo sought a distinctive solution to differentiate itself and adapt to the technology-driven era.

Motivated by a passion to introduce novel experiences within their renowned buffet-style restaurants, Cosmo delved into the realm of robotics. Their journey commenced with a trial phase, where the customer response surpassed expectations, solidifying their commitment to integrating robotics into their venues. Now, as an immensely popular buffet chain, Cosmo is set to implement state-of-the-art robotic systems across multiple locations, bringing an exciting new dimension to the dining experience. Keep a lookout for the seamless synergy between human expertise and robotic assistance as Cosmo embarks on this innovative journey.

No. of Tasks Complete
24.1 0 km
Running Mileage
No. of Tables

Cosmo Robotics

BellaBot 2


BellaBot is a premium delivery robot with multi operational modes. Equipped with four trays with inbuilt lights, Bella is capable of delivering food and indicating which tray is for which customer.

KettyBot 2


With a minimalist design and a compact size, KettyBot is perfectly designed to fit into any hospitality venue as a delivery and reception robot with a customisable advertising front screen.

HolaBot 2


HolaBot is a heavy duty delivery robot with ultra large carrying capabilities and key features such as smart navigation, obstacle detection, notification reminders and a pagering function

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