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SPARK EPoS Partnerships + Integration

Streamline Your Operations


Effortlessly navigate our EPoS system with a user-friendly interface, simplifying training and ensuring smooth operations for staff and management.

Multi-Product Integration

Elevate your business with seamless integration – our EPoS system connects effortlessly with SPARK products like CRM, Reservations, Stock Control, and KDS.


Unlock powerful insights with our EPoS system’s robust analytics, delving into sales data and customer behaviour to drive informed decisions and business growth.

Discover Effortless Operations:
Explore Our EPoS System in Action

Immerse yourself in the seamless world of our EPoS system with our informative video. Witness how our advanced technology simplifies transactions, enhances efficiency, and transforms the way you manage your business. Get a firsthand look at the intuitive interface and innovative features that make our EPoS system the perfect solution for modern businesses.

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Effortless Transactions


Take payments anywhere with our compact and lightweight Payment Device. Perfect for businesses on the move, it ensures flexibility in serving your customers.


Streamline transactions effortlessly. Our Payment Device guarantees quick processing times, allowing you to focus on delivering top-notch service without unnecessary delays.

Speedy Transactions

Our Payment Device ensures rapid transactions, speeding up checkouts and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. Experience efficient service that keeps your business moving.




Includes Smart EPoS, Payment Solution and Mobile Ordering.



Includes Hardware, Software Licenses and Services.

* The pricing information displayed is specific to Christmas Package B. Other £0 upfront packages start from a monthly charge of £79 for hardware, software, and services are available upon request. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer! Register your interest now and we will be in touch!

Self-Ordering Solutions

Order Accuracy

Minimise errors by allowing customers to input their orders directly, ensuring accuracy and satisfaction.

Contactless Ordering

Promote safety and hygiene with contactless transactions, especially relevant in today’s health-conscious environment.

Increased Revenue

Boost your business’s bottom line by encouraging impulse purchases and larger orders through strategic promotions and upselling features

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