How Maldron Hotel stay ahead of the curve

Embark on a remarkable hospitality experience at Maldron Hotel, where their prime locations throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom ensure rest and relaxation in proximity to vibrant surroundings. Whether you seek the dynamic energy of Dublin, the charm of Cork, or the allure of Manchester, their hotels serve as the ideal base for your adventures across the best cities in Europe and the UK.

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The Robotic Solution

Renowned as a leading hotel chain, Maldron Hotel has consistently raised the bar for exceptional hospitality experiences. In a groundbreaking move in January 2023, Maldron Hotel embraced the future of service by embarking on its transformative robotic journey. Introducing the cutting-edge ButlerBot, Maldron proudly became the pioneer in the hotel industry to implement this remarkable robotic technology. With a commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation, Maldron Hotel continues to redefine the guest experience, setting new standards for unparalleled service and convenience.

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Maldron Hotel Robotics

KettyBot 2


With a minimalist design and a compact size, KettyBot is perfectly designed to fit into any hospitality venue as a delivery and reception robot with a customisable advertising front screen.

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